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  • John P. Reese

    John P. Reese

    Going From Stock Screen to Real Portfolio

    Today, quantitative stock-picking screens are just about everywhere. A few clicks on any of a myriad of financial websites, and you’ve got it. AAII and other sites even have a number of guru-inspired screens. But choosing a good strategy is only the first part of a quant’s journey to investing success. The other piece involves going from screen to real-life portfolio. And that’s when things can get tricky. This article will guide you through the process of selecting a stock screen to follow and turning it into a portfolio management system.

  • James B. Cloonan

    James B. Cloonan

    Model Shadow Stock Portfolio: The Limitations of a Real Portfolio

    The latest commentary from AAII’s founder, James Cloonan, highlights a key difference between a hypothetical portfolio and one created with real dollars: Not being able to buy all passing stocks due to limited investment dollars.

  • AAII’s Stock Investor Pro

    AAII’s Stock Investor Pro

    Isolating the “Top” Passing Companies in Stock Investor Pro

    AAII’s Stock Investor Pro fundamental stock screening and research database program, generates the passing company listed posted each month at the Stock Screens area of The program is also used to isolate buy candidates for AAII’s Model Shadow Stock Portfolio as well the Dividend Investing and Stock Superstars newsletters. This installment of Stock Investor News, walks you through how to recreate the passing company lists AAII posts each week, only roughly two weeks faster than when they appear online.

  • AAII Blog

    AAII Blog

    Constructing Winning Stock Screens

    When searching for stock investing candidates, it may be easy to come up with a list of meaningful screening criteria, but building and applying a cohesive set of criteria can be challenging. This AAII Blog post discusses how to design a quantitative screening approach that makes practical sense for you.

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