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Have you ever purchased shares of stock on margin?

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AAII Member Question What percentage of your portfolio is bonds?

A) 0% to 5%
B) 6% to 11%
C) 12% to 17%
D) More than 17%
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The AAII Investor Sentiment Survey measures members who are bullish, bearish, and neutral for the next six months.

AAII Sentiment Survey
Are you BULLISH?
AAII members are:

(as of 1/21/2015)
   Bullish: 37.14%
   Neutral: 32.06%
   Bearish: 30.79%
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AAII Model Portfolios

Throughout the year, AAII updates you on the holdings, performance and investment strategy behind our research portfolios.

Model Portfolio
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Annualized Return
3-Year Return 5-Year Return 10-Year Return
Shadow Stock 26.5% 25.6% 14.8%
Fund 16.2% 13.1% 7.2%
Data as of 12/31/2014.

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