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Will the U.S. experience a recession in 2016?
No—U.S. growth will slow but remain positive:
Yes—the U.S. will experience a mild recession:
No—the U.S. will experience sustained or improving growth:
Not sure:
Yes—the U.S. will experience a harsh recession:

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AAII Member Question How accurate is accrual accounting in capturing actual business reality?

A) 90-100%
B) 76-89%
C) 50-75%
D) 26-49%
E) 0-25%
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O'Neil's CAN SLIM Revised 3rd Edition

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"Nest-Egg Survival: Investing and Spending in Retirement"
Maria Crawford Scott, Former editor, AAII Journal
"Today's Investment Outlook"
Sam Stovall, Chief investment strategist, S&P Equity Research Services

"The Importance of Tax Diversification: What You Need to Know"
Christine Fahlund, senior financial planner, T. Rowe Price, Inc.

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