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  • Michael Falk

    Michael Falk

    Retirement Planning: Focus First on Covering Fixed Expenses

    Once all fixed costs have been immunized, withdrawal rates no longer matter as any additional retirement assets can be used for discretionary spending.

  • Rochelle Antoniewicz and Jane Heinrichs

    Rochelle Antoniewicz and Jane Heinrichs

    An Inside Look at Exchange-Traded Funds

    ETFs, like mutual funds, are pooled investments, but two primary features promote trading of an ETF’s price close to its underlying value.

  • Harold Evensky and Deena Katz

    Harold Evensky and Deena Katz

    Managing Cash Flow in Retirement

    Combining a year’s worth of cash with a long-term investment portfolio protects immediate needs while still enabling the portfolio to grow.

  • Denys Glushkov and Meir Statman

    Denys Glushkov and Meir Statman

    Does Social Investing Generate Higher Returns?

    Companies with high social responsibility ratings outperformed companies with low ratings, but to get the highest returns you should not shun shares of any company.

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