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  • Guy Spier

    Guy Spier

    Nine Rules for Smarter Investing

    These guidelines for creating a better investment process are based on Spier’s own experience as a professional fund manager and value investor.

  • Gerald R. Jensen, Robert R. Johnson and Luis Garcia-Feijoo

    Gerald R. Jensen, Robert R. Johnson and Luis Garcia-Feijoo

    Follow the Fed, but Be Smart About It

    Small-cap stocks thrive during periods of expansive monetary policy, while returns for large- and small-cap stocks are lower during restrictive periods.

  • James B. Cloonan

    James B. Cloonan

    AAII Model Portfolios Update

    Updated performance figures for both portfolios and notes for the Model Shadow Stock portfolio are now available.

  • Daniel Sudit and Kevin G. McCandlish

    Daniel Sudit and Kevin G. McCandlish

    Making Effective Use of IRAs as Part of an Estate Plan

    Bequesting your IRA to charity, naming grandchildren as beneficiaries of your Roth IRA or having an heir disclaim an IRA inheritance can lower your estate’s tax exposure.

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Throughout the year, AAII updates you on the holdings, performance and investment strategy behind our research portfolios.

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Annualized Return
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Shadow Stock 21.5% 23.9% 15.2%
Fund 13.5% 12.3% 7.7%
Data as of 3/31/2015.

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