Investing Basics Articles

Investing Basics image Need help getting your foot in the door of the investing world? A few simple concepts lay the groundwork for establishing a portfolio that fits your needs and goals.

Balancing Your Return Ideals With the Realities of Risk

Every builder starts with a foundation. If you are new to investing, you are building an investment portfolio, and you need to start with an investment foundation. That foundation consists of the basic investment principles. Read more »

Know Thyself: How Your Needs Will Steer Your Decisions

There are four basic aspects that compose your personal investment profile: Your personal tolerance for risk, your return needs and whether you need to emphasize current income or future growth, your time horizon, and your tax exposure. Read more »

Dividing Your Assets Between Stocks, Bonds and Cash

At first glance, many investors assume that the basic asset allocation decision is easy. After all, at this level you are focusing on only three choices—stocks, bonds and cash (money market funds and short-term certificates of deposit). Read more »

Slicing Up the Stock and Bond Pies

Once you have decided on your portfolio allocation among the three major asset categories—stocks, bonds and cash—your most important work is over. Yet, your portfolio at this point is only broadly sketched. It is now time to rough in a few details. Read more »

Making Your First Investments

To begin a basic investment program, you need to go through the whole asset allocation process—first determining your allocation among the major asset categories and then further down among the major stock market segments. Read more »

Setting Up an Ongoing Investing Program

Individual investors taking their first steps in an investment program must also confront a sea of stock market uncertainty. Read more »