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The Top Funds Over Five Years: Finding Common Themes in a Volatile Market

March 2010 by Charles Rotblut
Our annual review of the mutual funds with the highest performance over the past five years shows that diversification worked. See which funds led their categories and which five funds delivered the highest returns overall. Read more »

The Sell Decision With Mutual Funds: Knowing When to Walk Away

There are good reasons for selling a mutual fund, and times when should you stay put. Read more »

The EZ Approach to ETF Portfolio Building

Despite the dizzying array of complicated investment products to choose among, there is a simple way to build a low-cost, low-maintenance, fully diversified portfolio. And all you need are a few key exchange-traded funds. A look at the low-hassle ETF portfolio. Read more »

Tailoring Your Allocation to the Stage You're In With Life Cycle Funds

Life cycle mutual funds are designed to make the asset allocation decision easy - one fund for one individual based on their stage in life. But nothing is ever easy. What do you need to know about life cycle mutual funds? A look at what 401(k) investors need to know. Read more »

Your Mutual Fund Portfolio: Choosing the Level of Complexity

Using the three-tiered mutual fund portfolio guideline, you can create any mutual fund portfolio you want that comfortably matches your investor profile in terms of complexity, yet still remain properly diversified. Read more »

Fund Investors' Biggest Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Fund investors are not immune to mistakes, and fund managers can compound mistakes made by fund owners. One of the biggest mistakes is overconfidence, and the stock market is highly effective at deflating overblown egos. Read more »

How Many Mutual Funds Should You Have in Your Investment Portfolio?

How many funds do you need in your investment portfolio? Read more »

Taking the Load Off of "Must Have" Fully Loaded Funds

Many mutual funds that are sold with sales charges offer discounts if you are investing larger amounts of money. The size of the discount varies, depending upon the amount of the investment and the breakpoint schedule of the fund. Read more »

Fund Expenses: Class Matters When Buying Multi-Class Shares

Share classes are for the same fund but involve different fee structures. The best class for you will vary depending on several factors, but the costs of choosing the wrong class can be considerable. Read more »

How to Rate a Mutual Fund: Personalizing the Star System

Mutual Funds: The funds that made it into AAII's Top Funds Guide are of investor interest and are readily available, with low expenses and no or low loads, above-average returns, and they have not "bought" their returns with mountainous risk. Read more »

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