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Financial Check-Up: Figuring Out Your Mutual Fund Portfolio

A simple worksheet for your mutual fund portfolio allows you to see what it may generate over time in terms of income, return, and risk. It also allows you to see the trade-offs that can occur with different allocations. Read more »

Beyond the Numbers: Getting to Know a Manager

At some point you have to look beyond the performance statistics to see who made them happen, so you can form some kind of judgment about future performance. Read more »

The Top Funds Over Five Years: What Made Them Different?

April 2005 by John Markese
Mutual Funds: The last five years have provided a rigorous test track for mutual funds. A look at who made it to the top—and how they got there. Read more »

The Dividend Yield: Stock Mutual Funds and ETFs That Generate Income

November 2008 by John Markese
Looking for an investment that has the potential to produce a growing income stream and long-term capital appreciation along with reasonable risk? A closer look at stock mutual funds and ETFs with relatively high dividend yields. Read more »

The Individual Investor's Guide to The Top Mutual Funds 2010

Our annual mutual fund guide provides information and performance statistics on more than 700 funds. Read more »

Face Off: Mutual Funds vs. ETFs

June 2007 by John Markese
Exchange-traded funds are America's "financial idol." But what do ETFs have that index mutual funds don't--and vice versa? A side-by-side comparison reveals little difference. Read more »

Does Your Portfolio Need an Addition? Think Real Estate Funds

June 2005 by John Markese
Real estate funds have had quite a run over the last five years, and the bull market may or may not be over. But these funds hold charm for investors beyond just the potential for high raw returns. Read more »

Fund Investors' Biggest Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

May 2002 by Albert J. Fredman
Fund investors are not immune to mistakes, and fund managers can compound mistakes made by fund owners. One of the biggest mistakes is overconfidence, and the stock market is highly efffective at deflating overblown egos. Read more »

What You Need to Know About Mutual Funds and Taxes

February 2002 by T. Rowe Price Investment Services
Mutual fund tax report statements are sent to shareholders in late January. They are important because you need to add distributions to your original cost basis when figuring gains or losses on shares sold. Read more »

The Top Funds Over Five Years: 2001-2005 Survival of the Fittest

April 2006 by John Markese
The last five years provided the ultimate financial stress test for mutual funds and investors. Some funds flunked, and a few proved to be in top shape. What made these top performers so fit? A look at who survived--and how they did it. Read more »

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