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The Individual Investor's Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds

October 2005 by Jean Henrich
Our annual guide to over 180 exchange-traded funds--portfolio baskets of securities that look like mutual funds but trade like stocks. Includes a complete listing of all existing stock and fixed-income exchange-traded funds, plus articles on what you need to know about investing in them. Read more »

"Enhanced" Index Funds: Can They Beat the Market?

May 2007 by John C. Bogle
A skeptical look at the new breed of "indexers" who focus on weighting portfolios by fundamental factors, such as dividends and cash flows, rather than market capitalizations. Read more »

Peerless Performers: The Top Funds Over 5 Years

April 2008 by John Markese
To be rated tops, a mutual fund must beat a benchmark, and the crucial benchmark is peer group performance over five years. Who are the current top performers, and how did they outperform their peers? A look at the top funds and how they managed to distinguish themselves. Read more »

Rolling the Currency Dice: Investing in International Bond Funds

June 2008 by John Markese
The search for yield and the weak U.S. dollar have prompted investors to consider investing in foreign bond mutual funds. However, these funds have unique risks that are magnified by the ebb and flow of the currency markets. A careful look is in order before you let your money travel overseas. Read more »

What You Need to Know About Fixed-Income Exchange-Traded Funds

A look at the four newcomers to the exchange-traded fund universe--what bond indexes they track and how they work. Read more »

Gimme (Tax) Shelter: Protecting Your Income Using Municipal Bond Funds

June 2004 by John Markese
Mutual Funds: Municipal bond funds provide an easy way for many investors to keep their tax bills to a minimum. How to decide if they are the right choice for you. Read more »

The Individual Investor's Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds, 2nd Edition

October 2004 by Maria Crawford Scott
Mutual Funds: Our annual guide to the hot new competitors to index mutual funds includes a complete listing of over 150 stock and fixed-income exchange-traded funds, plus articles on what you need to know to about investing in them. Read more »

Allocation Over Time: Life Cycle Mutual Funds

November 2004 by John Markese
Mutual Funds: Life cycle mutual funds are designed to make investing easier by providing an all-in-one lifetime asset allocation package. But the selection process is more complex than it sounds. A comparison of the packages. Read more »

Searching for Dividend Yield From Your Stock Mutual Funds

November 2003 by John Markese
Searching for more yield? One place to look is among stock funds with high dividend yields. Not only do dividend-paying stock funds have a growth component, qualified dividends receive advantageous tax rates under the new laws. Read more »

Scandal! What Should You Do With Your Funds?

January 2004 by Harold Evensky
What should individual investors do in the face of news stories concerning legal and moral failures within the mutual fund industry? Steps you should take with your mutual funds. Read more »

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