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Albert Fredman

Albert J. Fredman .

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    Can Less Really Be More? Concentrating on Favorites

    Mutual Funds: Does a hot stockpicker who focuses on a few dozen favorite companies have a better chance of beating the market? A look at focused funds and the double-edged sword of concentration.

    January 1999 | Journal

  2. Features »

    The Sell Decision: Knowing When to Walk Away

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Impulsively jumping in and out of your fund holdings is not a sensible approach, but neither should you assume you can simply hold for a lifetime. When to consider selling a fund.

    October 1998 | Journal

  3. Features »

    Open- and Closed-End Convertible Funds

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Mutual funds that invest in convertibles are similar to balanced funds, but they tend to hold securities of smaller firms.

    July 1998 | Journal

  4. Features »

    A Closer Look at Funds That Focus on the Dow

    Mutual Funds Workshop: The Dow Jones industrial average is the most widely followed market indicator, and now investement products that feature Dow stocks are starting to attract attention.

    May 1998 | Journal

  5. Tax Strategies »

    Tax-Conscious Funds: For Investors, It's the Leftovers That Count

    Mutual Funds Column: Most managers downplay tax efficiency because they are rewarded on pretax numbers, but a few exceptions exist--including index funds and special tax-managed funds.

    February 1998 | Journal

  6. Features »

    Tailoring an International Investment Portfolio Using Closed-End Country Funds

    Mutual Funds Column: Closed-end funds are more complicated than their open-end siblings, but they also offer special attractions, such as the ability to purchase them at double-digit discounts.

    October 1997 | Journal

  7. Features »

    The Smallest of the Small: Funds That Focus on Micro-Cap Companies

    Mutual Funds Column: Micro-cap funds have grown in popularity because they zero in on the most inefficient part of the stock market, but they aren't for everybody--particularly the faint of heart.

    July 1997 | Journal

  8. Features »

    Fixed-Income Investing: Analyzing Closed-End Municipal Bond Funds

    Mutual Funds Column: Closed-end municipal bond funds--how to analyze a complex segment of the closed-end fund universe.

    May 1997 | Journal

  9. Features »

    A Closer Look at Money Market Funds: Bank CD Alternatives

    Mutual Funds Column: Beyond the bank account--managing your cash reserves with money market mutual funds.

    February 1997 | Journal

  10. Features »

    A New Route Overseas: Country Indexing With WEBS & CountryBaskets

    Mutual Funds Column: New index products give investors another route to investing in individual countries: CountryBaskets and WEBS.

    October 1996 | Journal

  11. Features »

    Fixed-income Investing: An Objective Look at High-Yield Bond Funds

    Mutual Funds Column: Understanding the factors that affect high-yield bond funds can help you decide if these volatile funds belong in your investment portfolio.

    July 1996 | Journal

  12. Features »

    The Mutual Fund Route to the Growth Potential of Emerging Markets

    Mutual Funds Column: A burgeoning segment of mutual funds offers opportunity for diversified investment in countries with developing markets. A look at emerging market funds.

    May 1996 | Journal

  13. Features »

    Wrestling With Risk: A Multiheaded Concept With No Single Measure

    Mutual Funds Column: How can you measure risk in a mutual fund? An explanation of the different yardsticks needed for a concept that can take many forms.

    February 1996 | Journal