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Annette Thau

author Image Annette Thau is the author of “The Bond Book, Third Edition: Everything Investors Need to Know About Treasuries, Municipals, GNMAs, Corporates, Zeros, Bond Funds, Money Market Funds, and More” (McGraw-Hill, 2010). Annette has also written more than 20 articles for the AAII Journal.

Articles by this Author

Books: The Bond Book: Everything Investors Need to Know About Treasuries, Municipals, GNMAs, Corporates, Zeros, Bond Funds, Money Market Funds, and More,” “Poetry and Anti-Poetry: A Study of Max Jacob's Poetic Style

E-Mail:  athau1@earthlink.net

Annette Thau is a former municipal bond analyst for the Chase Manhattan Bank and a visiting scholar at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. She has written more than 20 articles about the bond market for the AAIIJournal and has lectured to groups nationwide. In November 2009, she was a featured speaker at AAII's Investor Conference.

Annette earned a Ph.D. in French literature from Columbia University and taught courses in French language and literature at the college level. Her first book was a study of the poetry of Max Jacob, a friend and collaborator of Picasso and Apollinaire. She was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and she has received numerous awards including a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, and University Fellowships from Columbia University.

Annette wrote “The Bond Book” to fill a need for a book that would explain bonds and the bond market in clear language that could be understood by any individual investor. The book has been a perennial best seller since its first edition, published in 1990. Its third edition, fully revised and updated, was released in November 2010.

Articles by this Author

  1. Notes on the Current State of the Muni Bond Market image

    Features »

    Notes on the Current State of the Muni Bond Market

    Muni bond yields are reasonably attractive relative to Treasury yields, and fears about a rise in defaults remain totally misplaced.

    May 2012 | Journal

  2. Bonds »

    How Safe Are Municipal Bonds?

    The odds of default are low for municipal bonds, but investors do have to contend with interest rate, headline and new bond issuance risks.

    March 2011 | Journal

  3. The Best of the AAII Journal »

    The Muni Market Turmoil Continues: What's Going on and How to Respond

    There have been a number of very bad years in the municipal bond market. But 2008 is in a league of its own--without any doubt, the worst year ever in the municipal bond market. And the most likely outlook is continued volatility. What lies behind the current declines, and a look at what actions investors may want to consider.

    January 2009 | Journal

  4. Turmoil in the Marketplace: What's Going on With Municipals? image

    Features »

    Turmoil in the Marketplace: What's Going on With Municipals?

    Losses from the current credit market crisis have affected bond insurance firms--firms that guarantee municipal bonds--and placed the entire municipal bond market under a cloud. There has been little clarity about how the problems affect the bonds under guarantee. Shedding some light on what's going on in the muni markets.

    May 2008 | Journal

  5. Bonds »

    An Investor's Guide to Inflation-Protected Securities

    In 1997, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities were introduced to help protect investors against the erosion of purchasing power. One year later the concept was extended to the savings bond program. A closer look at how these securities have performed, and how they work.

    May 2007 | Journal

  6. Bonds »

    An Investor's Guide to Closed-End Muni Funds

    The main promise of closed-end municipal bond funds is higher yield, but that higher yield comes at a cost of higher risk. What you should know about investing in closed-end muni funds

    September 2006 | Journal

  7. Bonds »

    Cutting Through the Bond Market Fog When Shopping for Munis

    Trying to buy or sell municipal bonds? If so, you may need some help cutting through the fog of bond market pricing and trading. Shopping for bonds is not nearly as clear-cut as shopping for individual stocks. How to shop for municipal bonds, using the Internet both as a source of bonds for purchase, as well as for information.

    May 2006 | Journal

  8. Bonds »

    Muni Trading Gets Real: Current Prices on the Internet

    Municipal bond trades are now reported on a real-time basis through the InvestinginBonds.com Web site. A look at how individual investors can use this information to buy and sell municipal bonds - and get a handle on bond commissions.

    May 2005 | Journal

  9. Bonds »

    Bond Market Strategies for a Rising Rate Environment

    Bonds: The current "consensus" is that short-term interest rates are likely to rise. That leaves many questions open, including what, if anything, you should do about it. A look at strategies that will serve you best when interest rates are rising.

    February 2005 | Journal

  10. Bonds »

    How to Buy International Bonds and Funds

    Bonds: Although not a must-have category, individuals with very large bond portfolios may choose to invest a small portion in the international bond area. How do you accomplish this? A look at the different options.

    August 2004 | Journal

  11. Bonds »

    Foreign Interest: A Closer Look at the International Bond Markets

    Bonds: Over the past few years, returns from all types of international bonds have ranged from good to spectacular. As always after good returns from a sector, the question arises: Is there still a case to be made for investing in international bonds?

    May 2004 | Journal

  12. Bonds »

    TIPS for Inflation-Proofing Your Portfolio: A Guide to Inflation-Indexed Securities

    Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities (TIPS) were introduced in 1997, and designed so that principal and interest payments would be protected against inflation. Are these right for you? A look at TIPS, TIPS funds, and I savings bonds.

    February 2004 | Journal

  13. Bonds »

    Are Junk Bonds for You? A Look at High-Yield Bonds

    One-year returns of junk bond funds averaged 20% in 2003 after a two-year slump, tracking the stock market rebound. Is now a good time for indviduals to invest in this sector?

    October 2003 | Journal

  14. Bonds »

    How to Shop for Bonds: Pricing Munis on the Internet

    Buying municipal bonds is a little like buying a car--shopping around and doing some comparison. The frustrating aspect of munis is pricing and markups. The situation is improving, with pricing information slowly becoming available on the Internet.

    April 2003 | Journal

  15. Bonds »

    Putting Together a Portfolio of Municipal Bond Investments

    Any decision you make about fixed-income investments regarding maturities will involve trade-offs between the amount of income generated by your portfolio and the risk to the value of principal.

    February 2003 | Journal