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Carl Hubbard

Carl M. Hubbard .

Articles by this Author

  1. Portfolio Strategies »

    Retirement Withdrawals: What Rate Is Safe When Time Is Short and Uncertain?

    Portfolio Strategies: Most studies that examine sustainable retirement withdrawal rates cover payout periods of 15 to 35 years. But what happens when circumstances shorten the period? A look at how much you can safely withdraw over shorter payout periods.

    January 2005 | Journal

  2. Portfolio Strategies »

    Maintaining the Flow: Will Foreign Stocks Help Your Retirement Portfolio?

    Portfolio Strategies: Recent studies call into question the risk-reduction benefits of international diversification. Retirees want to know if foreign stocks can improve their portfolio performance enough to allow them to withdraw more each year.

    May 2004 | Journal

  3. Portfolio Strategies »

    Retirement Savings: Choosing a Withdrawal Rate That Is Sustainable

    What's a reasonable withdrawal rate when living off savings? A look at how various withdrawal rates would have fared based on past market returns provides a useful guide.

    February 1998 | Journal