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Clark Blackman

Clark M. Blackman II, CFA, CPA/PFS, CFP, is founder and CEO of Alpha Wealth Strategies LLC, a fee-only RIA wealth advisory firm in Texas.

Articles by this Author

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    Discount and Premium Bonds: Dealing With the Tax Issues

    Tax Strategies: The task of understanding the tax rules concerning bond discounts and premiums is not easy given the wide variety of debt instruments and the complexity of the regulations issued.

    August 1999 | Journal

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    Maximizing Returns, Part 2: Tax Considerations for Investing

    Tax Strategies: Intelligent investing requires some knowledge of those tax rules that will have an impact on your returns. Part 2 in a series on fundamental tax rules.

    June 1999 | Journal

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    Maximizing Your 1999 Returns: Tax Considerations for Investing

    Tax Strategies: Tax considerations should not drive investment decisions, but they certainly should not be ignored. Fundamental tax rules every investor should know.

    April 1999 | Journal

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    Planning Considerations With the New Roth IRA

    Retirement Plans Column: One of the most difficult decisions is whether an existing IRA should be converted into a Roth IRA. The interrelated factors you may need to consider.

    October 1998 | Journal

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    Part 3: Minimum Distributions and Beneficiary Designations

    Retirement Plans Column: Minimizing distributions from retirement plans involves complex rules, especially those relating to whether and when to elect to recalculate life expectancy. A guide to the choices.

    August 1998 | Journal

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    Part 2: Beneficiary Designations and Required Minimum Distributions

    Retirement Plans Column: To properly plan for your retirement distributions, you need to take into consideration estate planning. A focus on the IRS rules for payments after your death.

    June 1998 | Journal

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    Beneficiary Designations and Required Minimum Distributions

    Retirement Plans Column: To properly plan for retirement distributions, you need to navigate around complex IRS rules on required minimum distributions and designated beneficiaries. Guidelines to help avoid costly mistakes.

    April 1998 | Journal

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    Retirement Plan Rules, IRA Options Proliferate Under Tax Law Changes

    Retirement Plans Column: Tax law changes increase applicability of traditional IRAs and add two new IRAs, expanding investor options but also adding complexity to the decision-making process.

    October 1997 | Journal

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    Strategies to Consider for Securities With Large Capital Gains

    Retirement Plans: Regardless of what Congress passes in terms of tax relief, investors will face the dilemma of whether to sell and realize a gain or hold onto a stock they no longer like.

    August 1997 | Journal

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    FAQs on Distributing and Investing Assets During Your Retirement Years

    Retirement Plans Column: Caring for your portfolio during retirement is a higher maintenance activity than before retirement, and it requires a commonsense approach.

    June 1997 | Journal

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    Revisiting the Rules for IRA Distributions and Naming Beneficiaries

    Retirement Plans Column: Revisiting the rules for IRA distributions and naming beneficiaries.

    April 1997 | Journal

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    Tax Law Changes and How They May Affect Your Retirement Plans

    Retirement Plans Column: Two bills recently passed by Congress address retirement plans: Understanding how the new tax laws may affect your retirement planning.

    October 1996 | Journal

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    Straightforward Answers to Common Questions on Retirement Plan Rules

    Retirement Plans Column: Studying the rules for IRAs and employer-sponsored plans can raise more questions than it answers. Answers to the most common questions.

    August 1996 | Journal

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    Minimum Distributions & Beneficiary Designations: Planning Opportunities

    Retirement Plans Column: Careful planning of minimum distributions and beneficiary designations can help minimize income and estate taxes on your IRAs.

    June 1996 | Journal

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    The Rules for Required Minimum Distributions & Beneficiary Designations

    Retirement Plans Column: The rules for minimum distributions and beneficiary designations: Shedding some light on a complicated tax area.

    April 1996 | Journal