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Clark Blackman

Clark M. Blackman .

Articles by this Author

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    Maximizing Returns, Part 2: Tax Considerations for Investing

    Tax Strategies: Intelligent investing requires some knowledge of those tax rules that will have an impact on your returns. Part 2 in a series on fundamental tax rules.

    June 1999 | Journal

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    Maximizing Your 1999 Returns: Tax Considerations for Investing

    Tax Strategies: Tax considerations should not drive investment decisions, but they certainly should not be ignored. Fundamental tax rules every investor should know.

    April 1999 | Journal

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    Planning Considerations With the New Roth IRA

    Retirement Plans Column: One of the most difficult decisions is whether an existing IRA should be converted into a Roth IRA. The interrelated factors you may need to consider.

    October 1998 | Journal

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    Part 3: Minimum Distributions and Beneficiary Designations

    Retirement Plans Column: Minimizing distributions from retirement plans involves complex rules, especially those relating to whether and when to elect to recalculate life expectancy. A guide to the choices.

    August 1998 | Journal

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    Part 2: Beneficiary Designations and Required Minimum Distributions

    Retirement Plans Column: To properly plan for your retirement distributions, you need to take into consideration estate planning. A focus on the IRS rules for payments after your death.

    June 1998 | Journal

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    Beneficiary Designations and Required Minimum Distributions

    Retirement Plans Column: To properly plan for retirement distributions, you need to navigate around complex IRS rules on required minimum distributions and designated beneficiaries. Guidelines to help avoid costly mistakes.

    April 1998 | Journal

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    Retirement Plan Rules, IRA Options Proliferate Under Tax Law Changes

    Retirement Plans Column: Tax law changes increase applicability of traditional IRAs and add two new IRAs, expanding investor options but also adding complexity to the decision-making process.

    October 1997 | Journal

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    Strategies to Consider for Securities With Large Capital Gains

    Retirement Plans: Regardless of what Congress passes in terms of tax relief, investors will face the dilemma of whether to sell and realize a gain or hold onto a stock they no longer like.

    August 1997 | Journal

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    FAQs on Distributing and Investing Assets During Your Retirement Years

    Retirement Plans Column: Caring for your portfolio during retirement is a higher maintenance activity than before retirement, and it requires a commonsense approach.

    June 1997 | Journal

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    Revisiting the Rules for IRA Distributions and Naming Beneficiaries

    Retirement Plans Column: Revisiting the rules for IRA distributions and naming beneficiaries.

    April 1997 | Journal

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    Tax Law Changes and How They May Affect Your Retirement Plans

    Retirement Plans Column: Two bills recently passed by Congress address retirement plans: Understanding how the new tax laws may affect your retirement planning.

    October 1996 | Journal

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    Straightforward Answers to Common Questions on Retirement Plan Rules

    Retirement Plans Column: Studying the rules for IRAs and employer-sponsored plans can raise more questions than it answers. Answers to the most common questions.

    August 1996 | Journal

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    Minimum Distributions & Beneficiary Designations: Planning Opportunities

    Retirement Plans Column: Careful planning of minimum distributions and beneficiary designations can help minimize income and estate taxes on your IRAs.

    June 1996 | Journal

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    The Rules for Required Minimum Distributions & Beneficiary Designations

    Retirement Plans Column: The rules for minimum distributions and beneficiary designations: Shedding some light on a complicated tax area.

    April 1996 | Journal