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Ellen Boling

Ellen J. Boling, CFP, is director of Private Client Advisors for Deloitte & Touche, LLP, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Articles by this Author

  1. Tax Strategies »

    Good News/Bad News: For Dividends, New Tax Law Means Lower Rates But More Headaches

    Most dividend income is now taxed at more favorable rates, but investors may be surprised at nuances of the new rules. What to watch out for under the Tax Relief Act of 2003.

    April 2004 | Journal

  2. Estate Planning »

    Advanced Estate Planning: Split-Interest Gifts and Trusts

    Split-interest gifts and trusts can result in considerable estate tax savings. However, due to concurrent ownership interests, it is important to consider not only the type of asset being transferred, but how its value will change.

    November 2003 | Journal

  3. Tax Strategies »

    The New Tax Act: Planning Opportunities and Pitfalls

    Individuals with substantial investment income can expect significant tax savings over the next seven years if they take advantage of the planning opportunities.

    September 2003 | Journal

  4. Estate Planning »

    The Tools of the Trade: Basic Estate-Planning Trusts

    Sometimes, a trust is the only vehicle that will provide a reasonable level of assurance that the goal of passing the fruits of your labor to your desired beneficiaries can be achieved.

    June 2003 | Journal

  5. Reassessing Your Risk Tolerance? Don't Overlook Estate Planning image

    Estate Planning »

    Reassessing Your Risk Tolerance? Don't Overlook Estate Planning

    Important not only for protecting your assets, estate planning also assures that your assets will pass according to your wishes at the least cost and administrative burden. It can be a relatively easy, six-step process.

    April 2003 | Journal