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Ellis Traub

author Image Ellis Traub is the former chairman of Investware Corporation and author of “Take Stock: A Roadmap to Profiting From Your First Walk Down Wall Street” (Kaplan Business, 2000), now in its third printing and published in Japan.

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Area of Expertise: Fundamental analysis, software development, investment education

Twitter Feed: @_ellist

Books: "Take Stock: A Roadmap to Profiting From Your First Walk Down Wall Street"

Topics Presented in Speeches: Successful fundamental investing for amateur investors

Email: ellistraub@financialiteracy.us


Ellis Traub is the founder and former chairman of Investware Corp. (which merged with ICLUBCentral in 2003) He developed and produced Investor’s Toolkit, the official software product for NAIC/Better-Investing, and contributed an SI Pro screen (Investware Quality/Growth) that consistently beats the S&P 500 index. He graduated from Harvard in 1952 and from Cornell in 1958. Traub was an all-weather fighter pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps and a captain at Eastern Air Lines for 31 years. Traub won the AAII Pro-Pix contest in 2001.

Articles by this Author

  1. Stock Strategies »

    Using Rational Value to Judge a Stock’s Worth

    The range valuations a stock has traded at over the past several years can be used to determine if the current price is high or low.

    October 2015 | Journal

  2. Features »

    Using ROE to Analyze Stocks: What You Need to Know About

    Stock Fundamentals: For evaluating management's skill at making use of a company's equity, ROE is the preferred metric. However, it must mean precisely the same thing to everyone who uses it.

    July 2001 | Journal