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Fred Meissner

author Image Fred Meissner is president of the Fred Report, which provides financial market research based on technical analysis.

Articles by this Author

Company: The Fred Report

Area of Expertise: technical analysis, portfolio management

Website: www.thefredreport.com

Topics Presented in Speeches: technical analysis, investment management

Email: fred@thefredreport.com

Fred Meissner, president of the Fred Report, has been practicing technical market analysis since 1983 and has worked in the research departments of Merrill Lynch and Robinson-Humphrey/Smith Barney. In addition, he has served the public as a portfolio manager and financial adviser. Meissner is a past president of the Market Technicians Association and is a frequent contributor to Barron's, TheStreet.com, and StreetIQ.com. Meissner holds a B.S. from Trinity University as well as an M.A. from UCLA. He is also a chartered market technician (CMT). Meissner is a frequent lecturer for the finance programs at Howard University and the University of Richmond.

Articles by this Author

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    Exploiting the Relative Outperformance of Small-Cap Stocks

    Small-cap stocks outperform large-cap stocks during periods of economic expansion and can deliver excess returns when a sector rotation strategy is used.

    January 2014 | Journal