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Gary Porter

author Image Gary E. Porter, Ph.D., is associate professor of finance at John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio.

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Areas of Expertise: corporate finance, investments

Web Page: http://www.jcu.edu/boler/legacy/faculty/porter.aspx

E-Mail: gporter@jcu.edu

Gary is an associate professor at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. He teaches corporate finance, investments and financial institutions to undergraduate and graduate students. He has published articles in the areas of mutual fund performance, banking and initial public offerings of common stock, appearing in the American Communities Banker, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, The Journal of Business, Financial Services Review, Managerial Finance, Journal of Applied Finance, and The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. Gary is the advisor for the Dornam Fund, JCU’s student managed investment portfolio, and teaches a portfolio management class designed to provide guidance for the managers.

Articles by this Author

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    A Time for Time Deposits

    Many certificates of deposit (CDs) are offering higher yields than Treasuries with similar maturities, and they meet investors’ need for safety.

    December 2010 | Journal