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James Cloonan

author Image James B. Cloonan is founder and chairman of AAII.

Articles by this Author

  1. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Three Different Ways to Follow the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio

    The portfolio’s rules allow for variance in how it is followed. Plus, one new stock was added.

    July 2013 | Journal

  2. AAII Model Portfolios »

    A New Fund and Suggested Allocation for the Model Fund Portfolio

    CGM Realty Fund (CGMRX) is being replaced, and a new allocation is suggested for those preferring a more conservative portfolio.

    May 2013 | Journal

  3. AAII Model Portfolios »

    A Look at the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio’s True Risk

    Measured by the chance of a long-term loss, the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio is less risky than the S&P 500 index.

    April 2013 | Journal

  4. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Equal-Weighted ETF Helps Boost Model Fund Portfolio Return

    The inclusion of an equal-weighted S&P 500 ETF helped the Model Fund Portfolio avoid the volatility experienced by its market-cap-weighted peers.

    March 2013 | Journal

  5. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Higher Prices Prompt Rule Change in the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio

    The minimum and maximum market capitalizations have been revised upward to account for higher micro-cap stock prices.

    January 2013 | Journal

  6. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Revised Model Fund Portfolio: Benchmark Impacted by Cap Weighting

    Equal-weighted funds have historically outperformed their capitalization-weighted peers, but strong performance in two tech stocks reversed the trend this year.

    November 2012 | Journal

  7. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Adherence to Rules Helps Model Shadow Stock Portfolio's Performance

    Following a consistent, well-defined approach has helped the portfolio achieve an average return of 16.1% over the past 20 years. Plus, see the latest buys and sells.

    October 2012 | Journal