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James Cloonan

author Image James B. Cloonan is founder and chairman of AAII.

Articles by this Author

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    When Markets Turn Bad the Basics Remain Fundamental

    Feature: The year 2001 has been an example of the need for diversification across styles as well as industries. And the entire bear market should emphasize the need for a long-term commitment.

    November 2001 | Journal

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    The AAII Beginner's Portfolio: An Annual Performance Review 2001

    Feature: While new Nasdaq rules and the switch to decimal pricing have reduced the bid-ask spread, the spread continues to be signficant for smaller-cap stocks, particularly those that have low volume.

    August 2001 | Journal

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    The AAII Beginner's Portfolio--2000 Review

    Feature: An annual update of our experimental portfolio of small stocks reviews the performance over the past seven years.

    July 2000 | Journal

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    The Internet and Its Impact on Investing in Collectibles

    Opinion: Investors face high transaction costs to invest in art and other collectibles. The Internet, however, has introduced the possibility of reducing these costs for many collectibles, and this change may migrate even to very expensive areas.

    May 2000 | Journal

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    A Concession on 'Small Caps' as Micro Caps Stage a Comeback

    Opinion: Through much of 1999, it looked as if large-cap stocks would outperform, but the micro-cap stocks came back and beat the S&P 500. Over the long term, micro-cap stocks continue to outperform large-cap stocks by 2% a year.

    February 2000 | Journal

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    The Election Cycle and Next Year's Stock Market

    Opinion: Is the election-year cycle theory meaningful or just a statistical game? You can make a reasonable argument for it, but specific events during a given year will have a much greater market impact.

    January 2000 | Journal

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    The AAII Beginner's Portfolio--1999 Review

    Feature: An annual update of our experimental portfolio of small stocks reviews the performance over the past six years.

    July 1999 | Journal

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    Increasing Chance of Success Based on Election-Year Cycle

    Opinion: Historical returns indicate you can increase the chance of investment success if you follow a strategy in which you purchase stocks during the third year of the election cycle if the market is below its high.

    November 1998 | Journal

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    Small-Cap Stocks Dominate, But Diversification is Still the Rule

    Opinion: Except for the last few years, the statistics over the long term favor small-cap stocks. But as the saying goes, "What have you done for me lately?"

    October 1998 | Journal

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    An IMO on the Internet: A Few Nuggets, But Lots of Trash

    Opinion: A perusal of Internet message boards on stock investing reveals that only a small percentage contain postings with sophisticated insights into companies.

    September 1998 | Journal

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    Some Words of Caution for Investors in High-Tech Speculative Stocks

    Opinion: A lack of funding prompts some developmental-stage companies to turn to variable convertible preferred stock issues, with a negative impact beyond what many investors would normally expect.

    July 1998 | Journal

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    The AAII Beginner's Portfolio

    Feature: Stocks bought and sold over five years in an experimental portfolio built on small-cap stocks with low price-to-book ratios.

    May 1998 | Journal

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    Suggested Rules for Stock Investors at the Intermediate Level

    Opinion: New portfolio rules that are designed to go beyond the Beginner's Portfolio, adding some growth criteria and firms with somewhat larger market capitalizations.

    February 1998 | Journal

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    Just Another Commodity: Reasons for Including Gold in a Portfolio Fade

    Opinion: Gold no longer offers much of a financial benefit to individual investors other than price speculation, the same as any other commodity.

    January 1998 | Journal

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    Dealing With Success: Adjusting Rules to Deal With a Larger Portfolio

    A Matter of Opinion: The growth in value of the Beginner's Portfolio prompts some revisions of the original rules regarding company size, number of stocks held, and reasons for selling.

    October 1997 | Journal