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James Cloonan

author Image James B. Cloonan is founder and chairman of AAII.

Articles by this Author

  1. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Major Rule Change Made to the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio

    The maximum price-to-book ratio has been increased. Plus, three stocks were added and a fourth reinvested into.

    July 2015 | Journal

  2. AAII Model Portfolios »

    No Reason to Switch Funds in the Model Fund Portfolio

    Aston/Fairpointe continues to have one of the highest long-term returns, while none of the competitors to our funds or ETFs justify making a change.

    May 2015 | Journal

  3. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Model Shadow Stock Portfolio: Sell Rules Dictate a Change

    One stock was replaced after blowing through both the value and market-capitalization limits. Plus, insight into the portfolio’s performance.

    April 2015 | Journal

  4. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Dramatic Changes Help and Hurt the Model Fund Portfolio

    Upward volatility in REITs has been offset by oil-related declines in frontier markets. Both asset classes still look attractive on a long-term basis.

    March 2015 | Journal

  5. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Two New Stocks Added to the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio

    The latest additions are discussed, along with the portfolio’s 2014 performance and expectations for 2015.

    January 2015 | Journal

  6. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Replacing a Mutual Fund With an ETF in the Model Fund Portfolio

    One mutual fund has been removed because of its expense and performance and is being replaced with an IPO-focused ETF.

    November 2014 | Journal

  7. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Maintaining Model Shadow Stock Portfolio Purchase Rules

    Though no new non-Chinese stocks are qualifying, there is not enough cash in the portfolio to justify looser purchase rules.

    October 2014 | Journal

  8. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Model Fund Portfolio: Adjust Risk Based on Personal Factors

    Performance figures for the Conservative Portfolio are being dropped because the proper risk exposure is unique to each investor.

    August 2014 | Journal