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James Cloonan

author Image James B. Cloonan is founder and chairman of AAII.

Articles by this Author

  1. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Model Mutual Fund and ETF Portfolios: Value and Small Stocks Impact Returns

    Value stocks and small-cap stocks have superior long-term performance but hurt the portfolios’ returns last year.

    March 2012 | Journal

  2. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Model Shadow Stock Portfolio: Up Modestly During an Atypical Year

    Though the market did not enjoy its typical pre-election-year rally, the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio ended November with a year-to-date gain.

    January 2012 | Journal

  3. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Model Mutual Fund and ETF Portfolios: Waiting for Value and Small-Cap to Improve

    Growth and large-cap stocks have recently outperformed value and small-cap stocks, hurting the relative performance of our model portfolios.

    November 2011 | Journal

  4. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Record Market Volatility Affects Model Shadow Stock Portfolio

    High levels of volatility caused the portfolio to show a year-to-date loss at the end of August. Read about the latest changes and see James’ latest commentary.

    October 2011 | Journal

  5. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Model Mutual Fund and ETF Portfolios: Combined Update, Different Strategies

    Both model portfolios are covered in a combined update. Learn how the two strategies differ, and see the new additions to the Model Mutual Fund Portfolio.

    August 2011 | Journal

  6. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Shadow Stock Gains Limited by Pause in Small-Cap Stocks

    The Model Shadow Stock Portfolio rose 2% since the last update. Two holdings were replaced with new stocks.

    July 2011 | Journal

  7. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Model ETF Portfolio Versus Benchmark: More Diversification, Similar Returns

    Real estate has been volatile, but it has added to the Model ETF Portfolio’s diversification without adversely affecting long-term performance.

    May 2011 | Journal