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James Cloonan

author Image James B. Cloonan is founder and chairman of AAII.

Articles by this Author

  1. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Model Stock Portfolio: Beating the Benchmark Is Nice, But a Loss Isn't

    There has been little reprieve from the downward forces on the stock market, and while the Model Portfolio has outperformed the benchmarks year-to-date, you can't pay bills with a loss.

    April 2009 | Journal

  2. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Good-Bye and Good Riddance: 2008 Enters Stock Market History

    A performance review of the AAII Model Mutual Fund Portfolio shows the portfolio down 36.5%, as compared to -37.0% for the benchmark Vanguard Total Stock Market Index fund (VTSMX).

    February 2009 | Journal

  3. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Bear Market Punishes Shadow Stocks But Qualifying Stocks Abound

    The stock market is punishing every sector, and it is punishing its favorite children--micro-cap and extreme value stocks--the most. Year-to-date (through November 30, 2008) the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio is down 51.1%. On the other hand, this quarter, there were over 90 candidates that qualified on our basic criteria--easily a record.

    January 2009 | Journal

  4. AAII Model Portfolios »

    AAII Model ETF Portfolio Review and How to Take Advantage of ETFs

    A review of the Model ETF Portfolio, and ETF characteristics that are important to consider--particularly in comparison to traditional mutual funds.

    November 2008 | Journal

  5. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Results Not Yet Final, But So Far, Election-Year Returns Have Yet to Appear

    The Model Shadow Stock Portfolio has moved ahead of the S&P 500 year-to-date, but is still behind small-cap stocks, which are down "only" 3.8% year to date. Our quarterly review includes a list of changes to the portfolio over the last quarter, a complete listing of the holdings, and the rules that govern the portfolio.

    October 2008 | Journal

  6. AAII Model Portfolios »

    Model Fund Portfolio Update and a Look at How Various Indexes Are Weighted

    The Model Mutual Fund Portfolio is down for the year to date at -3.8%, but performing well considering the weak election-year market. Also, a look at the various methods for weighting stocks in indexes - and which one is best.

    August 2008 | Journal