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Joe Lan

author Image Joe Lan is a former financial analyst for AAII.

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Joe Lan is a former financial analyst for AAII. Lan is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree with a double major in accounting and finance and holds a master’s degree in accounting and financial management from the Keller Graduate School of Management. Lan is a holder of the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Articles by this Author

  1. Computerized-investing »

    Online Discount Brokers

    A look at the pros and cons of the five online discount brokers most used by AAII members.

    April 2012 | Computerized-investing

  2. Financial Statements »

    The Income Statement: From Net Revenue to Net Income

    The income statement shows a company’s sales, expenses and profits. Learn how to analyze the income statement and spot important trends.

    March 2012 | Journal

  3. Computerized-investing »

    Comparison: Tax Preparation Services

    If you are one of the many who dread the arrival of April 15, fear not; this article can help you find a service to sort through all of the tax implications of your 2011 finances.

    February 2012 | Computerized-investing

  4. Computerized-investing »

    Track Your Finances on a Mac With iBank

    A look at a personal finance program designed for the Mac and capable of syncing with mobile devices.

    January 2012 | Computerized-investing

  5. Financial Statements »

    Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

    The first article in this new series explains what the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement are and how they are interconnected.

    January 2012 | Journal

  6. Computerized-investing »

    The Top Portfolio Management Software

    An in-depth look at the best software for tracking your portfolio’s gains and losses and measuring its performance.

    October 2011 | Computerized-investing

  7. Computerized-investing »

    The Top Comprehensive Websites 2011

    An in-depth review of the investing websites that are the best one-stop shops, offering detailed fundamental data on stocks, mutual funds and ETFs as well as portfolio monitoring and screening capabilities.

    August 2011 | Computerized-investing

  8. Computerized-investing »

    The Top Mutual Fund Screening Services

    An in-depth looks at the best software and websites for screening the universe of mutual funds.

    July 2011 | Computerized-investing

  9. Hot Links »

    Analyzing Stock and Sector Price Momentum

    These charting and ETF sites can help you analyze stock and sector price momentum.

    June 2011 | Journal

  10. Computerized-investing »

    Online Discount Brokers

    An in-depth look at the services offered at the five online discount brokers most used by AAII members.

    April 2011 | Computerized-investing

  11. Computerized-investing »

    Tax Preparation Services

    Online services provide an easy way to prepare and file your tax returns, plus they have systems in place to double-check your work.

    March 2011 | Computerized-investing

  12. Computerized-investing »

    The Top Comprehensive Websites

    An in-depth look at the three best websites where a range of information and tools for the individual investor are offered in one location.

    December 2010 | Computerized-investing