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John Markese

author Image John Markese is the former president of AAII.

Articles by this Author

  1. Mutual Funds »

    Does Your Portfolio Need an Addition? Think Real Estate Funds

    Real estate funds have had quite a run over the last five years, and the bull market may or may not be over. But these funds hold charm for investors beyond just the potential for high raw returns.

    June 2005 | Journal

  2. Mutual Funds »

    The Top Funds Over Five Years: What Made Them Different?

    Mutual Funds: The last five years have provided a rigorous test track for mutual funds. A look at who made it to the top—and how they got there.

    April 2005 | Journal

  3. Mutual Funds »

    Allocation Over Time: Life Cycle Mutual Funds

    Mutual Funds: Life cycle mutual funds are designed to make investing easier by providing an all-in-one lifetime asset allocation package. But the selection process is more complex than it sounds. A comparison of the packages.

    November 2004 | Journal

  4. Mutual Funds »

    Gimme (Tax) Shelter: Protecting Your Income Using Municipal Bond Funds

    Mutual Funds: Municipal bond funds provide an easy way for many investors to keep their tax bills to a minimum. How to decide if they are the right choice for you.

    June 2004 | Journal

  5. Mutual Funds »

    The Emerging Markets Re-Emerge: Funds Get Hot Again

    Emerging markets stock and bond funds are re-emerging to reclaim their status as true growth investments. But they are still relatively exotic, and appropriate only for investors with longer horizons and an understanding of the risks.

    April 2004 | Journal

  6. Mutual Funds »

    Searching for Dividend Yield From Your Stock Mutual Funds

    Searching for more yield? One place to look is among stock funds with high dividend yields. Not only do dividend-paying stock funds have a growth component, qualified dividends receive advantageous tax rates under the new laws.

    November 2003 | Journal

  7. Mutual Funds »

    Top Funds Over Five Years: Analyzing How They Got There

    Lists of top-performing funds can be dangerous to investors--the temptation to invest in the top funds without understanding how they got there is great.

    July 2003 | Journal

  8. Mutual Funds »

    Micro-Cap Mutual Funds: Searching for the Future Giants

    Micro-cap stocks are not as well covered as larger-cap stocks, and as a result a fund manager has a greater chance of adding significant value. They also do not track the overall market perfectly, adding to portfolio diversification.

    April 2003 | Journal

  9. Mutual Funds »

    Your Mutual Fund Portfolio: Choosing the Level of Complexity

    Using the three-tiered mutual fund portfolio guideline, you can create any mutual fund portfolio you want that comfortably matches your investor profile in terms of complexity, yet still remain properly diversified.

    November 2002 | Journal

  10. Mutual Funds »

    One-Stop Mutual Fund Shopping: A Guide to the Discount Brokers

    Switching funds within a family is relatively easy, but switching among fund families has significant costs in time and paperwork. With mutual fund supermarkets, one phone call will do it.

    October 2002 | Journal

  11. Stock Strategies »

    Bill Provides a New Framework for Accounting & Corporate Governance

    A summary of the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002.

    September 2002 | Journal

  12. Mutual Funds »

    Fund Expenses: Class Matters When Buying Multi-Class Fund Shares

    Share classes are for the same fund but involve different fee structures. The best class for you will vary depending on several factors, but the costs of choosing the wrong class can be considerable.

    June 2002 | Journal

  13. Mutual Funds »

    How to Rate a Mutual Fund: Personalizing the Star System

    The funds that made it into AAII's Top Funds Guide are of investor interest and are readily available, with low expenses and no or low loads, above-average returns, and they have not "bought" their returns with mountainous risk.

    April 2002 | Journal

  14. Features »

    U.S. Government Bond Funds: A Portfolio Counterweight

    Mutual Funds: As a relatively low risk, understandable and steady counterweight for your stock portfolio, U.S. government bond funds are hard to beat if you do not want to buy the bonds directly and manage them yourself.

    November 2001 | Journal

  15. Features »

    Discount Broker Shopping Guide: Mutual Fund Supermarkets

    Mutual Funds: As of 2001, 30 discount brokers offer selected mutual funds with no transaction fees attached. That means you can buy or sell funds from different families through one broker, saving time and paperwork, and with minimal fees.

    September 2001 | Journal