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John Markese

author Image John Markese is the former president of AAII.

Articles by this Author

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    Financial Check-Up: Figuring Out Your Mutual Fund Portfolio

    Mutual Funds: A simple worksheet for your mutual fund portfolio allows you to see what it may generate over time in terms of income, return, and risk. It also allows you to see the trade-offs that can occur with different allocations.

    August 2001 | Journal

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    Going Global: A Single Fund With a World to Choose From

    Mutual Funds: International diversification does not have the pronounced benefits it once had. But while world stock markets occasionally all do the same short-term dance, they still do not move in unison over the long term.

    June 2001 | Journal

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    The Value of Value Funds: Why You Should Always Hold Them

    Mutual Funds: Over long-term periods, value and growth stocks run nearly neck-to-neck in terms of performance, but the returns from value stocks are more stable, and they tend to perform better than growth during down markets.

    April 2001 | Journal

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    Introducing Netfolio: A Powerful New Program for AAII Members

    Stock Selection Strategies: Netfolio is a powerful new program that can help you create and manage your own investment portfolio. As part of your AAII membership, you are eligible to receive Netfolio's suite of investor-friendly tools at no cost.

    April 2001 | Journal

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    Mutual Fund Analysis On-Line: Key Questions, Quick Answers

    Mutual Funds: Independent mutual fund Web sites storehouse and update information for all funds, making comparisons quick and comprehensive. What should you be looking for? Data checkpoints for on-line evaluations.

    February 2001 | Journal

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    International Investing: A Focus on European Funds

    Mutual Funds: The European indexes are mostly up year-to-date, yet most European funds are down. Why? The Eruo has been down hard against the dollar this year, and currency weakness has wiped out most of the stock gains.

    November 2000 | Journal

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    Discount Broker Guide: The Mutual Fund Supermarket

    Mutual Funds: This year, 26 discount brokers offer selected mutual funds with no transaction fees attached. That means you can buy or sell from different fund families all through one broker, saving time and paperwork.

    September 2000 | Journal

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    Kids and Mutual Funds: Educating and Investing

    Mutual Funds: A diversified, no-load, large-cap stock fund that has a growth objective fits the investment profile of most young investors and is likely to appeal to their interest through knowledge of the companies held by the fund.

    August 2000 | Journal

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    Passively Aggressive: Index Funds and Tech Exposure

    Mutual Funds: Before you turbo-charge your portfolio with more tech stocks or run for cover and dump your tech holdings, first determine what your overall portfolio exposure to technology really is and see how it compares to the overall market averages.

    June 2000 | Journal

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    Plugging Into Planning Tools Sponsored by Mutual Fund Families

    Mutual Funds: On-line planning programs ask you to respond to hypothetical situations. Seemingly unimportant word choices and question sequencing will influence your answers and thus the suggested asset allocation.

    April 2000 | Journal

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    What Every Investor Should Know About Mutual Funds

    Stock funds at the top of the performance lists may continue outperforming in the next period. But what is more telling is that bad funds tend to continue to be bad. Mutual fund pearls of wisdom.

    February 2000 | Journal

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    What Every Investor Should Know About Mutual Funds

    Mutual Funds: Stock funds at the top of the performance lists may continue outperforming in the next period. But what is more telling is that bad funds tend to continue to be bad. Mutual fund pearls of wisdom.

    February 2000 | Journal

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    Mutual Fund Ups and Downs: A Look at the Bear Facts

    Mutual Funds: Knowing how a mutual fund is likely to perform in both up and down markets will allow you to make more appropriate fund selections. However, funds that are likely to soar in bull markets are also likely to plummet in bear markets.

    November 1999 | Journal

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    A Guide to Discounters Offering One-Stop Mutual Fund Shopping

    Mutual Funds: If you find all the mutual funds you are interested in under one discount brokerage roof and they are no-transaction-fee funds, the service is hard to beat.

    September 1999 | Journal

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    Municipal Bond Funds: Packaged Tax-Exempt Income

    Mutual Funds: Tax-exempt bond funds have decidedly different strategies, but the end game is always the same--to minimize taxes.

    August 1999 | Journal