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John Markese

author Image John Markese is the former president of AAII.

Articles by this Author

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    Mutual Fund Classifications: How Do Your Funds Fit in?

    Mutual Funds: With the explosion of new funds, each jockeying to stand out from the crowd, fitting funds into neat classifications has become increasingly challenging, even for those in the mutual fund business.

    June 1999 | Journal

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    How Much Are You Really Paying for Your Mutual Funds?

    Mutual Funds: Fund loads and expenses decrease your investment return dollar-for-dollar. Looking forward, the costs are predictable, while returns are not. It pays to pay attention to how much you pay.

    February 1999 | Journal

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    Health and Technology: High-Powered Sector Funds

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Given the complexities of companies in the health and technology fields, funds focusing on these sectors provide specialized management and diversification for investors interested in commitments in these areas.

    November 1998 | Journal

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    Mutual Fund Supermarkets: One-Stop Shopping at Low Cost

    Mutual Funds Workshop: AAII's annual survey of mutual fund supermarkets reports on 26 discount brokers that offer hundreds of no-load funds from different families with no brokerage fees for buying and selling.

    September 1998 | Journal

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    European Stock Funds: Sending Your Money Abroad

    Mutual Funds Workshop: With the economic union near and restructuring and privatizations in progress, Europe seems alluring. But European stock funds differ, and the actively managed funds have placed both stock and country bets.

    August 1998 | Journal

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    What to Look for in the New Mutual Fund Profile

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Starting June 1998, mutual funds will be allowed to offer prospective investors a new source of information--the fund profile. A look at the points covered and what the profile can and canĀ“t tell you.

    June 1998 | Journal

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    Treasury Bond Funds: A Risky Riskless Investment?

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Risk factors to consider before investing in riskless Treasury bond funds.

    January 1998 | Journal

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    Tie-Breakers: Key Points to Consider When It's a Close Call Between Funds

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Factors to consider that can help break a tie when choosing between similar funds.

    November 1997 | Journal

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    The Individual Investor's Guide to Mutual Fund Supermarkets

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Discount brokers that offer no-transaction-fee mutual funds are proliferating and rapidly expanding the universe of their offerings.

    September 1997 | Journal

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    High-Yield Bond Funds: Plenty of Income, But How Much Added Risk?

    Mutual Funds Workshop: A look at high-yield bond funds--their recent success and the accompanying risks.

    August 1997 | Journal

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    Assessing the Characteristics of Asset Allocation Mutual Funds

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Asset allocation funds--a look at their similarities and differences.

    June 1997 | Journal

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    How Many Mutual Funds Should You Have in Your Investment Portfolio?

    Mutual Funds Workshop: How many funds do you need in your investment portfolio?

    April 1997 | Journal

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    Mutual Fund Selection: How to Use AAII's Low-Load Guide Effectively

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Evaluating mutual funds without an approach can be overwhelming. A guided tour through AAII's 1997 Low-Load Fund Guide data page.

    January 1997 | Journal

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    Funds That Focus on the Mid-Caps: A Happy Medium Between Big & Small

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Funds that focus on medium-capitalization stocks are coming in vogue, but without a consensus as to what constitutes mid-size. A look at mid-cap funds.

    November 1996 | Journal

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    The Individual Investor's Guide to No-Transaction-Fee Discount Brokers

    Mutual Funds Workshop: Using a discount broker to trade mutual funds has many advantages, as well as some limitations. A guide to no-transaction-fee discount brokers.

    September 1996 | Journal