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John Markese

author Image John Markese is the former president of AAII.

Articles by this Author

  1. Features »

    A Guide to Municipal Bond Funds: Differences Behind the Similarities

    Mutual Funds Workshop: All tax-exempt funds are not alike. A look at the differences among municipal bond mutual funds.

    August 1996 | Journal

  2. Features »

    Assessing Gold Funds: It's the Mettle That Makes the Most Difference

    Mutual Funds Workshop: All gold funds are not alike: Varying emphasis on the industry segment and the producer countries results in a wide range of returns. A comparison of gold funds.

    June 1996 | Journal

  3. Features »

    Benchmarking: Assessing Your Ability as a Manager of Fund Managers

    Mutual Funds Workshop: How have you done in managing your portfolio of mutual funds? Using benchmarks to measure your ability as a portfolio manager.

    April 1996 | Journal

  4. Features »

    Aggressive Growth Stock Funds: Examining a Rocket's Blueprints

    Mutual Funds Workshop: A look at the current crop of aggressive growth mutual funds: Despite their variety: all share one common trait--volatility.

    January 1996 | Journal

  5. Mutual Funds »

    Nine Timeless Rules for Investing in Mutual Funds (and ETFs)

    | Evergreen