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Marcus Robins

Marcus W Robins .

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    The Stock Market Today: Not Your Father's Correction

    Stock Selection Strategies: Although there are some interesting parallels, things are considerably different today compared to what they were in the early 1970s.

    July 2001 | Journal

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    Lessons From the Past: Opportunities in Small-Cap Stocks

    Stock Selection Strategies: The experience endured during the year 2000 is no different than that endured by the railroads over 150 years ago, or the automobile industry about 100 years ago. The difference is that this economic tragedy happened to us.

    April 2001 | Journal

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    The Idiot Factor: Who's Minding the Corporate Store?

    Stock Selection Strategies: Is it possible the CEO of your favorite investment is a dolt and blissfully unaware of it? A look at how it can happen, and how to evaluate the competence of corporate managers.

    October 2000 | Journal

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    Fundamental Analysis: A Closer Look at Gross Margins

    Stock Selection Strategies: Amidst all the detailed numbers on the income statement, gross margin is one figure that may be worth obsessing over, because it sits at the middle of several of the key accounting formulas that determine business success.

    July 2000 | Journal

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    Investing in Gray Matter: Evaluating a Firm's Human Assets

    Stock Selection: If you want to buy shares in a company that depends primarily on brainpower, you need to make sure that those brains are going to stick around.

    April 2000 | Journal

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    There's Gold in Those Hills for Investors Who Are Patient

    Small Stocks: For investors in small- and micro-cap stocks, impatience and a day-trader's mentality are the two greatest sins. If you have an itchy trading finger, you can jettison a very successful company out of your portfolio much too early.

    October 1999 | Journal

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    The Five Warning Flags for Investors in Small-Cap Stocks

    Small Stocks: The five warning flags alert investors to potential problem areas in small-cap stocks. They also signal which stocks offer the best chance for smooth sailing.

    June 1999 | Journal

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    Analyzing Stock Investments: The Concept of Relative Value

    Stock Strategies: All the valuation yardsticks on the relative value curve represent valid investment approaches. However, each technique as you progress along the curve tends to pose a greater degree of risk, as measured by price volatility.

    February 1999 | Journal