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Maria Scott

author Image Maria Crawford Scott is the former editor of the AAII Journal.

Articles by this Author

  1. Features »

    An Interview With Larry Puglia, Portfolio Manager, T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund

    Feature: How one portfolio manager searches for durable, sustainable earnings growth in a stock to prospect for blue chips.

    November 2000 | Journal

  2. Features »

    An Interview With G. Kenneth Heebner, Portfolio Manager, CGM Realty Fund

    Feature: Investing in long-term growth through equity REITs.

    October 2000 | Journal

  3. Features »

    An Interview With Bernard Myszkowski, Portfolio Manager, Alleghany/Chicago Trust Growth & Income

    Feature: A structured approach to investing in large-cap growth stocks.

    September 2000 | Journal

  4. Features »

    An Interview With Benjamin Segal, Portfolio Manager, Neuberger Berman International Fund

    Feature: A bottom-up search for growth in the international markets.

    August 2000 | Journal

  5. Features »

    An Interview With Mason Hawkins, Portfolio Manager, Longleaf Partners Fund

    Feature: A search for undervalued firms in a strong growth market.

    July 2000 | Journal

  6. Features »

    An Interview With Ken Gregory, Portfolio Manager, Masters' Select Equity Fund

    Feature: Combining diversification with a concentrated stock-picking approach in a unique fund concept.

    June 2000 | Journal

  7. Features »

    An Interview With David Brady, Portfolio Manager, Stein Roe Young Investor Fund

    Feature: Lessons from a professional using an educational approach to invest in growth companies.

    May 2000 | Journal

  8. Features »

    An Interview With Arthur Bonnel, Portfolio Manager, Bonnel Growth Fund

    Feature: A basic approach to growth with a focus on the mid-caps.

    April 2000 | Journal

  9. Features »

    An Interview With W. George Greig, Portfolio Manager, William Blair International Growth

    Feature: A search for real growth in the international markets.

    February 2000 | Journal

  10. Features »

    An Interview With William J. Nasgovitz, Portfolio Manager, Heartland Value Fund

    Feature: Stocking with small-cap value in a large-cap growth bull market.

    January 2000 | Journal

  11. Features »

    An Interview With Kevin Landis, Portfolio Manager, Firsthand Technology Value Fund

    Feature: A search for reasonable value among stocks in the technology sector.

    November 1999 | Journal

  12. Features »

    An Interview With Robert E. Turner, Portfolio Manager, Turner Growth Equity Fund

    Feature: A sector-nautral approach to picking large-cap growth stocks.

    October 1999 | Journal

  13. Features »

    An Interview With William R. Keithler, Portfolio Manager, INVESCO Strategic Portfolios--Technology

    Feature: Searching for market leaders in a broad range of technology sectors.

    September 1999 | Journal

  14. Features »

    An Interview With Stephen Bauer, Portfolio Manager, SAFECO Municipal Bond Fund

    Feature: A total return focus in the tax-exempt bond market.

    August 1999 | Journal

  15. Features »

    An Interview With Brian C. Rogers, Portfolio Manager, T. Rowe Price Value Fund

    Feature: A search for out-of favor stocks among the large- and mid-cap markets.

    July 1999 | Journal