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Maria Scott

author Image Maria Crawford Scott is the former editor of the AAII Journal.

Articles by this Author

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    Young Couples: Developing a Coordinated Approach to Savings

    Portfolio Strategies Workshop: Conflicts can arise when a couple realizes their separate retirement plans won't lead to a coherent strategy at retirement. Meshing plans into one approach.

    July 1996 | Journal

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    The World Markets as a Hedge

    Investment Research: The research supports the notion that "When the U.S. stock market sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold."

    June 1996 | Journal

  3. Features »

    An Interview With Seung K. Kwak, Portfolio Manager, Japan Fund

    Feature: A focus on finding opportunities in a recovering Japanese economy.

    June 1996 | Journal

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    Underwriters and Analyst Recommendations

    Investment Research: If your broker recommends an initial public offering, find out who the underwriters are; if your broker's firm is an underwriter, you should probably view the recommendation with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    June 1996 | Journal

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    Allocating Investments: Coordinating Retirement Plans and Taxable Savings

    Portfolio Strategies Workshop: Coordinating your retirement plans with taxable savings: A case study of how to allocate the investments for tax efficiency.

    June 1996 | Journal

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    An Interview With Brian Berghuis, Portfolio Manager, T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth Fund

    A search among the mid-caps for growth at a reasonable price.

    May 1996 | Journal

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    Value Investing: A Look at the Benjamin Graham Approach

    Stock Analysis Workshop: Looking to the father of stock analysis for a classic approach to stock selection: Benjamin Graham and value investing.

    May 1996 | Journal

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    Assessing Your Portfolio Allocation From a Retiree's Point of View

    Portfolio Strategies Workshop: Retirees need to check their portfolios periodically to ensure that savings will last. Assessing your portfolio: A case study.

    May 1996 | Journal

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    An Interview With Jeffrey Koch, Portfolio Manager, Strong Corporate Bond Fund

    Feature: A top-down approach to investing in the corporate bond market.

    April 1996 | Journal

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    Receiving a Retirement Plan Distribution: Considerations for Younger Investors

    Portfolio Strategies Workshop: What should a twentysomething investor do with a retirement distribution when changing jobs? A look at the alternatives.

    April 1996 | Journal

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    An Interview With Victor Flores, Portfolio Manager, U.S. World Gold Fund

    Feature: Investing in gold-mining firms with a focus on smaller-sized companies.

    February 1996 | Journal

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    Incorporating an Inheritance Into Your Existing Portfolio

    Portfolio Strategies Workshop: How to integrate an inheritance into your investment portfolio.

    February 1996 | Journal

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    An Interview With Gloria Santella, Portfolio Manager, SteinRoe Capital Opportunities Fund

    Feature: Investing in long-term growth with an eye toward quality earnings.

    January 1996 | Journal

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    The T. Rowe Price Approach to Investing in Growth Stocks

    Stock Analysis Workshop: Growth stock investing a la T. Rowe Price: Examining one well-known investor's approach to stock selection.

    January 1996 | Journal

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    Index Funds and the Balance Between Active and Passive Investing

    Portfolio Strategies Workshop: Why should you consider investing index funds? A look at some of the reasons.

    January 1996 | Journal