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Maria Scott

author Image Maria Crawford Scott is the former editor of the AAII Journal.

Articles by this Author

  1. Portfolio Manager Interview »

    An Interview With Thomas J. Huber, T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth Fund

    A search for dividend growth and reasonable valuations.

    July 2002 | Journal

  2. Portfolio Manager Interview »

    An Interview With Mark W. Headley, Portfolio Manager, Matthews Pacific Tiger

    Taming a tiger by seeking growth and value in the volatile markets of Asia.

    June 2002 | Journal

  3. Portfolio Manager Interview »

    An Interview With Clifford A. Gladson, Portfolio Manager, USAA Tax-Exempt Bond

    A look inside funds that use a steady, diversified approach to investing in the municipal bond market.

    May 2002 | Journal

  4. Portfolio Manager Interview »

    An Interview With Clyde McGregor, Portfolio Manager, Oakmark Equity and Income F

    Piloting a balanced fund that sticks with the deep value investing approach.

    February 2002 | Journal

  5. Features »

    An Interview With Scott L. Scher, Portfolio Manager, CRM Small Cap Value Fund

    Feature: A value approach to investing that seeks small-cap firms undergoing positive changes.

    January 2002 | Journal

  6. Features »

    An Interview With Matthew B. Fahey, Portfolio Manager, Marshall Mid-Cap Value Fund

    Feature: A bottom-up value approach looks for mid-cap stocks that can make the grade.

    November 2001 | Journal

  7. Features »

    An Interview With Mary Miller, Portfolio Manager, T. Rowe Price Tax-Free Income

    Feature: Attaining compelling aftertax returns in the high-grade municipal market.

    October 2001 | Journal

  8. Features »

    An Interview With George W. Brumley III and David R. Carr Jr., Portfolio Managers, Oak Value Fund

    Feature: Following a Benjamin Graham/Warren Buffett value approach to find good businesses selling at attractive prices.

    September 2001 | Journal

  9. Features »

    An Interview With Charles McQuaid, Portfolio Manager, Liberty Acorn Fund

    Feature: Investing in small-cap stocks--leading the pack by not following it.

    August 2001 | Journal

  10. Features »

    An Interview With Jerome Heppelmann, Portfolio Manager, PBHG Mid-Cap Value Fund

    Feature: Balancing the trade-offs: A search for valuations and growth.

    July 2001 | Journal

  11. Features »

    An Interview With Robert D'Alelio, Portfolio Manager, Neuberger Berman Genesis Fund

    Seeking good businesses at good values among the small caps.

    June 2001 | Journal

  12. Features »

    An Interview with Edwin Walczak, Portfolio Manager, Vontobel U.S. Value Fund

    Feature: Value investing in bull and bear markets: Staying the investment course with a Warren Buffett-style approach.

    May 2001 | Journal

  13. Features »

    An Interview With Ronald Muhlenkamp, Portfolio Manager, Muhlenkamp Fund

    Feature: Searching for ROEs at a reasonable price: A top-down bottom-up approach.

    April 2001 | Journal

  14. Features »

    An Interview With Robert N. Streed, Portfolio Manager, Northern Select Equity Fund

    Feature: Fund investing using a quality and growth focus in a volatile market environment.

    February 2001 | Journal

  15. Features »

    An Interview With Nicholas D. Gerber, Portfolio Manager, Ameristock Mutual Fund

    Feature: A passively active combination using a fundamental value approach.

    January 2001 | Journal