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Mark Hulbert

author Image Mark Hulbert is editor of the Hulbert Financial Digest, a newsletter that ranks the performance of investment advisory newsletters. It is published monthly and is located at 5051B Backlick Rd., Annandale, Va. 22003; 703/750-9060.

Articles by this Author

Area of Expertise: performance of investment advisers


Books: "The Hulbert Guide to Financial Newsletters" and "Interlock: The Untold Story of American Banks, Oil Interests, the Shah’s Money, Debts and the Astounding Connections Between Them"

Topics Presented in Speeches: lessons learned from which investment strategies have worked, and which have not worked, over the long term


Mark Hulbert is editor of The Hulbert Financial Digest (HFD), which has rated the performance of investment newsletters for more than 30 years. In 2002 the HFD became a service of MarketWatch. Since then, in addition to continuing to edit the monthly HFD newsletter, Hulbert has written a three-times-a-week investment column for the MarketWatch website. From 1998 through early 2010, Hulbert wrote a column on investment strategies for the Sunday New York Times.  For the 11 years before that, he was a columnist on the same subject for Forbes magazine. Hulbert has co-authored two books: “The Hulbert Guide to Financial Newsletters” (Dearborn, 1993) and “Interlock: The Untold Story of American Banks, Oil Interests, the Shah’s Money, Debts and the Astounding Connections Between Them” (Richardson & Snyder, 1982).

Articles by this Author

  1. Features »

    When You're Hot, Your're Hot! Or Are You Not?

    Investment Newsletters Column: Testing the

    June 1998 | Journal

  2. Features »

    Just How Important Are Newsletters' Telephone Hotlines?

    Investment Newsletters Column: Investors seem to prefer newsletters that have hotlines. But do newsletters with hotlines perform any better than those without? A look at the numbers.

    April 1998 | Journal

  3. Features »

    What Portfolio Size Is the Best Fit for Following an Investment Newsletter?

    Investment Newsletters Column: Some newsletters have large model portfolios, trade frequently, and are appropriate only for large investor portfolios. Others work quite well for small portfolios.

    November 1997 | Journal

  4. Features »

    What the Gold Market Reveals: The Anatomy of a Bear Market

    Investment Newsletters Column: Can you keep your buy-and-hold convictions during a bear market? If you can't, it's better to know sooner--while we re still in a bull market--rather than later.

    September 1997 | Journal

  5. Features »

    The Past 17 Years and What They May Reveal About the Future

    Investment Newsletters Column: The two newsletters that beat the market over the last 17 years on a risk-adjusted basis are cautious on the market.

    June 1997 | Journal

  6. Features »

    A Fresh Look at Some Old Anomalies: Are They Still Successful?

    Investment Newsletters Column: Is it time for investors to rethink their commitment to the better-known anomalies?

    April 1997 | Journal

  7. Features »

    Timing and Selection Within the Bond Market: A Look at the Record

    Investment Newsletters Column: How have bond fund advisers performed? An analysis of market timing and mutual fund selection among bond fund newsletters.

    November 1996 | Journal

  8. Features »

    Newsletters That Focus on Mutual Funds: How Do They Stack Up?

    Investment Newsletters Column: Should you use an advisory newsletter to guide your mutual fund decisions? A look at the performance of mutual fund newsletters.

    September 1996 | Journal

  9. Features »

    Gold Loses Its Luster for Newsletters That Seek to Time the Market

    Investment Newsletters Column: A look at the performance of newsletters that time the gold market indicates that asset allocation, rather than timing, offers more promise for gold investors.

    June 1996 | Journal

  10. Features »

    One-Year Rankings: Not Even a Guide for Short-Term Performance

    Investment Newsletters Column: Comparing 1995's winners with those of 1994 reveals a disparity that tells you nothing about performance--short-term or long-term

    April 1996 | Journal