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Michael Leonetti

Michael E. Leonetti, CFP, is the president of Leonetti & Associate, a fee-for-service financial planning firm based in Buffalo Grove, Ill..

Articles by this Author

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    Payout Options: An Overview of Immediate Annuities

    Portfolio Strategies: Many individuals would prefer to know that they have a fixed guaranteed monthly amount coming to them versus the risk of investing a lump sum themselves. In this case, the annuitization of a lump sum may prove beneficial.

    August 1999 | Journal

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    Achieving Financial Security by Conquering Personal Debt

    Financial Planning Column: Overloading on debt is expensive and removes a cushion of security in the event of a crisis. How to get a handle on your personal debt.

    September 1998 | Journal

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    Building Up your Savings by Controlling the Spending Habit

    Financial Planning Column: Saving even a small amount today can have a big impact on future savings because of compounding. But it isnĀ“t retroactive--you must save now to enjoy the benefits in the future.

    July 1998 | Journal

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    Controlling Your Finances With Cash Flow Management

    Financial Planning Column: Every successful business relies on a cash management system to carefully control income and expenses, and that system can easily be applied to personal finances.

    May 1998 | Journal

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    What to Look for When Selecting a Trustee for Your Estate Plan

    Financial Planning Column: The decision to name a trustee is a complex process that includes weighing and balancing the various factors according to personal preferences and circumstances.

    January 1998 | Journal

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    Investment Advisers and Mutual Fund Managers: Questions to Ask

    Financial Planning Column: To select the right investment adviser, you may need to go beyond examining performance statistics and track records.

    September 1997 | Journal

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    Will Long-Term Care Be Covered by the Government? Maybe

    Financial Planning Column: Proposed revamp provides for the development of an integrated system that will combine dollars from both Medicare and Medicaid as needed.

    July 1997 | Journal

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    Coming, Ready or Not: Reform for Medicare and Social Security

    Financial Planning Column: Social Security and medicare--a look ahead to the possible reforms.

    May 1997 | Journal

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    Insurance Covering Long-Term Care: Even More Important Now

    Financial Planning Column: Changes made by the new Health Insurance Act affect the way individuals can plan for long-term healthcare. A look at the key provisions.

    January 1997 | Journal

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    Rollover Options When Receiving Distributions From Employer Plans

    Financial Planning Column: Many workers will receive lump-sum retirement distributions that they may wish to roll into an IRA. Understanding the intricacies of IRA rollovers.

    September 1996 | Journal

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    Lifestyle Changes: Myths and Misconceptions About Life in Retirement

    Financial Planning Column: Knowing what to expect and what not to expect as you enter retirement can ease this major lifestyle transition. Debunking the myths of retirement.

    July 1996 | Journal

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    A Practical Look at What You Need to Know About Medicare

    Financial Planning Column: A plain-English description of the Medicare system: What it does and does not cover under present rules.

    May 1996 | Journal

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    The Living Will--Do You Really Have One? A Look at Various Directives

    Financial Planning Column: Drawing up a living will involves more than signing a general statement of intent. An introduction to living wills and power of attorney directives.

    January 1996 | Journal

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    Retirement Planning: Myths and Misconceptions About Life in Retirement

    | Evergreen

  15. Lifestyle Changes: Misconceptions About Life in Retirement  image

    Retirement Planning »

    Lifestyle Changes: Misconceptions About Life in Retirement

    Debunking the myths of retirement. Retirement planning: Misconceptions About Life in Retirement.

    | Evergreen