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Paula Hogan

author Image Paula Hogan, CFP, CFA, is a fee-only adviser based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a frequent speaker and author in the financial planning field. She maintains a website at www.paulahogan.com.

Articles by this Author

Areas of Expertise: comprehensive fee-only planning and portfolio management for individuals and families

Website: www.paulahogan.com

Topics Presented in Speeches: integrating the management of human and financial capital, intergenerational communication, comprehensive financial planning

E-Mail: paula@paulahogan.com

Paula Hogan is a nationally recognized leader in the financial advisory field. She is a frequent speaker on financial planning topics and has authored several articles for the Journal of Financial Planning as well as for the AAII Journal. Paula has served on the national boards of both NAPFA and the Financial Planning Association, and she is a past president of the AAII Milwaukee chapter. Bloomberg Wealth Manager has named her multiple times to its national list of the Top 50 Women In Wealth.

Paula’s education includes an economics degree from Princeton University and a Master of Science from the Harvard School of Public Health. She founded her firm, Paula Hogan (formerly known as Hogan Financial Management), in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1992.  

Articles by this Author

  1. Financial Planning »

    Consumer Financial Protection in the Current Economy

    Academics and policymakers discuss how to make financial products more effective for consumers and their risks more easily understood.

    May 2012 | Journal

  2. Insurance Products »

    The Role of Inflation-Indexed Annuities

    These annuities provide a stream of payments that adjust for inflation in return for a single premium payment.

    March 2011 | Journal

  3. Portfolio Strategies »

    Human Capital and the Theory of Life-Cycle Investing

    Life-cycle theory, first developed in the 1970s, points out that each person has both human and financial capital, with the former being most important. While it seems like a small change to focus more on human capital, it has major planning implications.

    May 2008 | Journal

  4. Financial Planning »

    Get Organized! How to Maintain Your Personal Financial Files

    Everyone needs to keep certain personal financial paperwork, but how do you decide which to keep and which to chuck? A guide to organizing your personal financial files.

    May 2006 | Journal

  5. Portfolio Strategies »

    For Long-Term Investors, the Focus Should Be on Risk

    When determining the optimal allocation for your own portfolio, it's best to focus first on how much you are able and willing to lose.

    June 2005 | Journal

  6. Insurance Products »

    What You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

    Custodial care is expensive and can easily drain financial resources. Because of this, the decision to buy long-term care insurance has become an important financial planning issue. What you need to know.

    May 2005 | Journal

  7. How to Make Personal Finance

    Financial Planning »

    How to Make Personal Finance "Connect" With Young Adults

    The challenge for parents is to develop steps that will make the world of personal finance visible, credible, and appealing to young adults as they work their way through adolescence.

    August 2003 | Journal

  8. Portfolio Makeover »

    A Top-Down Financial Review: Where the Risks Are Lurking

    Portfolio Makeover: Financial Planner Paula Hogan reviews the financial circumstances of a professional freelancer. In the process, she exposes hidden risks and suggests some practical solutions for reducing risk and tweaking the investment portfolio.

    January 2003 | Journal

  9. Portfolio Strategies »

    The Shrinking Equity Premium and What It Means to Investors

    There is an emerging consensus among academics that the equity premium looking forward is significantly less than the traditional estimate. Current estimates imply a 5% to 7% annual future return for an all-stock portfolio.

    October 2002 | Journal

  10. Estate Planning »

    A Guide to Dealing With an Estate Planning Attorney

    An up-to-date estate plan maximizes the chance that your wishes with respect to both medical and financial affairs will be carried out in the event of your death or disability.

    July 2002 | Journal

  11. Features »

    A Parent's Guide: How to Introduce Kids to the World of Investing

    Feature: Try to avoid an investing experience for your child that consists of only winning or only losing, since the education comes as much from the one as from the other.

    June 1997 | Journal

  1. Features »

    Money and Kids: A Parental Guide to Teaching Financial Responsibility

    Knowing how to use money wisely is a critical skill that is best learned starting at a young age. Imparting this knowledge is an issue many parents wrestle with.

    June 1994 | Journal