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Peter Katt

author Image Peter Katt CFP, LIC, was sole proprietor of Katt & Co., a fee-only life insurance advising firm located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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Area of Expertise: life insurance

Website: www.peterkatt.com

Peter Katt, CFP, LIC, was sole proprietor of Katt & Co., a national fee-only life insurance advising firm located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Besides writing for the AAII Journal, Katt was an insurance columnist for the Journal of Financial Planning and Forbes.com. He was a regular guest on CNBC's Smart Money and appeared on Oprah as a life insurance expert. Katt had been interviewed and quoted in the national financial press over 150 times.

Articles by this Author

  1. Insurance Products »

    Tax-Advantage Opportunities With Cash Value Life Insurance

    Life insurance has exceptional income tax characteristics that are sometimes overlooked by advisors focusing only on term insurance. A look at three situations where the tax advantages can benefit your portfolio.

    November 2005 | Journal

  2. Insurance Products »

    Variable Life Illustrations and the Problem of Stock Volatility

    Variable life insurance policy illustrations can present a highly misleading picture to buyers who will be investing the policy primarily in equity subaccounts. Simulations of how the policy will fare based on various stock market results can paint a truer picture of how your premiums may change over time—and the risk of policy faliure if you neglect to adjust.

    July 2005 | Journal

  3. Insurance Products »

    No-Lapse Premium Guarantee Policies: The Risks Revealed

    Insurance Products: Companies selling no-lapse premium guarantee life insurance policies may have additional solvency risks—a vital consideration if you are considering them as a new or replacement policy.

    November 2004 | Journal

  4. Insurance Products »

    Estate Planning and Insurance: Does Premium Financing Make Sense?

    Insurance Products: Financing permanent life insurance premiums through third-party lenders may not live up to the marketers' promises. Factors to consider before looking at this option.

    July 2004 | Journal

  5. Insurance Products »

    Variable Life Insurance: Be Wary of Policy 'Delusions'

    Variable life illustrations create an illusion of predictability that simply doesn't exist. In addition, variable life's expenses are higher than participation whole life.

    November 2003 | Journal

  6. Insurance Products »

    The Potential Problems With No-Lapse Premium Guarantees

    Agents selling no-lapse premium-guarantee policies rarely utter a discouraging word about them in their sales rhetoric. But there is only one planning area where they are a good option.

    July 2003 | Journal

  7. Insurance Products »

    A Life Settlement Update; and Life Insurance in Pension Plans

    Life settlements involve the selling of unneeded or no longer affordable life insurance policies. If selling is the decision, you need to be aware of how to deal with the various types of life settlement firms.

    May 2003 | Journal

  8. Insurance Products »

    Hard-to-Spot Differences in Tax Loopholes vs. Tax Scams

    Permanent life insurance is often associated with tax avoidance schemes. It appears that promoters of these schemes feel it sells better if tagged with the "tax loophole" label, because this gives them more apparent legitimacy.

    November 2002 | Journal

  9. Insurance Products »

    Life Insurance Issues to Be Wary of: Surrender Charges & Leaps of Faith

    There are many permanent life insurance policies that have zero surrender value for as long as five years, and very depressed surrender values for as long as 15 or 20 years. Why insurance buyers don't notice this.

    July 2002 | Journal

  10. Insurance Products »

    Does It Make Sense to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

    Policy sellers beware: Life-settlement firms are pursuing their own financial interests, and have extensive pricing expertise to do so--an advantage that individual policyholders can't match when evaluating a possible sale.

    May 2002 | Journal

  11. Features »

    Variable Life Insurance Policies and Stock Market Volatility

    Insurance Products: The life insurance industry has treated variable life as just a better-performing version of whole life and universal life without realizing that inherent investment volatility makes variable life a very different kind of life insurance.

    November 2001 | Journal

  12. Features »

    Misleading Promises: Beware of Agents Bearing Guarantees

    Insurance Products: The new sales gimmick in life insurance is the exaggerated secondary guarantee. These guarantees are not benign if they are the reason a particular insurance policy is purchased, while more important criteria are ignored.

    July 2001 | Journal

  13. Features »

    Points to Ponder in Selling and Investing in Insurance Policies

    Insurance Products: Most people who wish to sell their insurance policy want to relieve themselves of having to pay the premiums for coverage that is no longer necessary. But eliminating future premiums can be done in many ways without selling a policy.

    April 2001 | Journal

  14. Features »

    Disguised Tax-Avoidance and Other Insurance-Related Issues

    Insurance Products: The false promise of the sellers of certain retirement/insurance plans is a pairing of tax-deductible contributions and tax-free benefits--a combination that simply isn't possible in the real world.

    November 2000 | Journal

  15. Features »

    Using Variable Life Insurance as an Investment Alternative

    Insurance Products: Variable life's advantage for the dual purposes of family protection life insurance and investing depends on several factors. However, the wealth-transfer advantages of variable life appear to exist under many different scenarios.

    July 2000 | Journal