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Peter Katt

author Image Peter Katt CFP, LIC, was sole proprietor of Katt & Co., a fee-only life insurance advising firm located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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Area of Expertise: life insurance

Website: www.peterkatt.com

Peter Katt, CFP, LIC, was sole proprietor of Katt & Co., a national fee-only life insurance advising firm located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Besides writing for the AAII Journal, Katt was an insurance columnist for the Journal of Financial Planning and Forbes.com. He was a regular guest on CNBC's Smart Money and appeared on Oprah as a life insurance expert. Katt had been interviewed and quoted in the national financial press over 150 times.

Articles by this Author

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    Managing the Cash Values of Permanent Life Insurance

    Insurance Products: To get the maximum policy value of insurance that is purchased to remain in force until the insured dies, the cash value should be periodically monitored, with careful adjustments made as the need arises.

    November 1999 | Journal

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    The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Variable Life Insurance Policies

    Insurance Products: Volatile equity performance can have an adverse affect on variable life insurance, but there are steps you can take to manage and minimize potential problems.

    July 1999 | Journal

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    The High Price of Tax-Deferral: A Look at Deferred Annuities

    Insurance Column: Deferred annuities are popular because returns are tax-deferred, but if the full cycle of accumulations and distributions are considered, most purchasers would make a different choice.

    February 1999 | Journal

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    How and When to Purchase Low-Cost Term Life Insurance

    Insurance Products Column: Buying low-cost level term insurance directly from companies that advertise directly to consumers is an easy and economical way to purchase term life insurance.

    November 1998 | Journal

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    Finding Universal Life Policies That Will Remain Competitive

    Insurance Products Column: Many universal life insurance policies appear to be overpriced relative to current pricing conditions. Why this is and how to find competitive pricing.

    August 1998 | Journal

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    Life Insurance Issues and The Proposed Tax Law Changes

    Insurance Products Column: The usefulness of some life insurance products may be affected by tax law changes that may or may not be passed. What to do in the face of uncertainty.

    April 1998 | Journal

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    Vanishing-Premium Policy Designs: The Good and the Bad

    Insurance Products Column: Minimum-premium-to-maximum-death-benefit vanishing-premium policies are inherently flawed, but there are other vanishing-premium policy designs that can be useful.

    February 1998 | Journal

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    A Reality Check: Do You Need to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

    Insurance Products Column: With little track record on which to base decisions, potential purchasers need to thoroughly examine their needs, as well as the claims and provisions of competing policies.

    November 1997 | Journal

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    The Role of Insurance in Buy-Sell Planning for Businesses: Part 2

    Insurance Products: Although circumstances may vary, the focus should be on the primacy of creative business continuation planning, not on life insurance products.

    August 1997 | Journal

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    The Role of Insurance in Continuation Planning of Closely-Held Businesses

    Insurance Products Column: The role of insurance in business buy-sell planning for closely-held businesses.

    April 1997 | Journal

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    Experimental MSAs Offer Useful Approach for the Self-Employed

    Insurance Products Column: A Medical insurance alternative for the self-employed--how the experimental medical savings accounts work.

    February 1997 | Journal

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    Indexed Annuities: Too High a Price for Market 'Protection'

    Insurance Products Column: The new indexed fixed deferred annuities offer protection from market downswings, but at what price? Understanding the indexed annuity.

    November 1996 | Journal

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    Passing on Your Wealth: Gift Planning and the Use of Life Insurance

    Insurance Products Column: Gifting is often used to transfer wealth to your heirs while minimizing taxes. Employing life insurance products in gifting strategies.

    August 1996 | Journal

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    Be Wary of Products Marketed Mainly for Tax-Advantaged Status

    Insurance Products Column: In the quest for more tax advantages, some insurance products go too far. A rundown of designs that demand a skeptic's eye.

    April 1996 | Journal

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    Insurance Products and the Needs of the 50-Something Individual

    Insurance Products Column: A look at the role insurance products can play in the investment needs of the fiftysomehting individual.

    February 1996 | Journal