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Ray Rondeau

author Image Ray Rondeau is president of the Boston AAII chapter and a member of the Market Technicians Association. Additionally, he is a former analyst for the website IndexUniverse where he wrote a weekly technical analysis column.

Articles by this Author

Company: Q-Prime2

Area of Expertise: technical analysis, hedge fund strategies  

Website: Investorstein.com

Topics Presented in Speeches: “Portfolio Diversification and Protection Strategies,” “Hedge Fund Strategies for the Retail Investor,” “Recognizing and Exploiting Opportunities in Today’s Market Environment,” “Advanced Order Executions Techniques for Day Traders”

Email: Investorstein@cox.net


Raymond A. Rondeau is the president of Q-Prime2  (Quantum – Professional Research & Investment Management Enterprises).  Rondeau has been a full-time trader for the last 16 years and has given more than 110 educational lectures and workshops across the country. He has been featured at many of the top investment shows including the MoneyShow and Traders Expo, where he routinely lectures on various investing strategies and technical analysis. Rondeau can be heard regularly on the UR Business Network with his investment radio show "Market Mavens." His writings are widely distributed and can be found in media that includes the AAII Journal, AAII Computerized Investing, Yahoo Finance, and NASDAQ.com. Additionally, Rondeau is a former technical analyst for Index Universe (now ETF.com) where he wrote a weekly investment column entitled Rondeau's Roundup. He is a TradeStation Easy Language programmer, president of the Connecticut chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors, president emeritus of the Boston AAII chapter and a member of the Market Technicians Association.

Articles by this Author

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    To Trend or Not to Trend

    Price action is related to and influenced by the technical landscape of the charts, but looking at additional factors, including the fundamentals, can provide added insight.

    January 2014 | Journal