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Richard Evans

Richard Evans .

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    It's Not Too Early for Investors to Get Ready for the January Effect

    Technical Analysis Column: Although most of the upside action does happen in January, the time to get positioned for the January effect is in October.

    October 1998 | Journal

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    Different Perspectives: A Look at Charting Techniques

    Technical Analysis Column: Bar, point & figure, candlestick, and equivolume are all chart types that can offer different perspectives on a stock's price and volume trends.

    July 1998 | Journal

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    A Look at the Patterns for 1997's Winners and Losers

    Technical Analysis Column: The gains from the top 1997 stock were extraordinary, but the price patterns were generic, showing a long-term decline followed by accumulation.

    May 1998 | Journal

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    Separating the Wheat From the Chaff Using Relative Strength

    Technical Analysis Column: Keeping at least a partial watch on how a stock is acting, regardless of fundamentals, can save investors headaches.

    January 1998 | Journal

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    A Look at the Patterns Helps to Differentiate Stock Winners and Losers

    Technical Analysis Column: Fundamental factors ultimately determine the fate of a stock, but technical analysis can help identify those that are in the process of becoming winners or losers,

    October 1997 | Journal

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    Composition Changes Prompt Another Look at the DJ Utilities Average

    Technical Analysis Column: While not a perfect indicator, the Dow Jones Utilities average has moved lower prior to major market drops. When the utilities are in a sell mode, keep your cards close to your vest.

    July 1997 | Journal

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    The Importance of Gaps: It's Where They Fall within a Trend That Counts

    Technical Analysis Column: The science of gaps--interpreting the significance of price ranges where no transactions take place.

    May 1997 | Journal

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    A Time-Honored Approach to Charting: Point & Figure Analysis

    Technical Analysis Column: Using simple rows of Xs and Os to analyze stock price movement--the basics of point-and-figure charting.

    January 1997 | Journal

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    The Same Patterns Remain Even When the Market Index Changes

    Technical Analysis Column: Speed resistance lines can help identify expected market support and resistance levels. Applying Dow Theory's 1/3-2/3 concept to the Nasdaq composite.

    September 1996 | Journal

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    Pattern Analysis: Using Triangles to Spot Trends in Low-Priced Stocks

    Technical Analysis Column: Analyzing patterns in stock price movement can reveal potential buying and selling opportunities. Using triangles to judge patterns in low-priced stocks.

    July 1996 | Journal

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    Everyone Loves a Winner, But Should They? A Look at the "Loser" Approach

    Technical Analysis Column: Where better to find companies poised for a turnaround than lists of poor-performing stocks? Searching for the next winners among last year's losers.

    May 1996 | Journal

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    Back to the Basics: The Fundamentals of Technical Analysis

    Technical Analysis Column: The foundation of technical analysis rests on the overall trend. A review of the basics.

    January 1996 | Journal

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    Fall Declines Offer Investors Low-Priced Stock Opportunities

    Labor Day traditionally signals the end of summer. On Main Street vacations end, the swimming pools close, and kids go back to school. On Wall Street, analysts return to their desks.

    September 1995 | Journal

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    Following the Tracks of the Dow Transports May Give Clues to the Market

    Who cares about the transports? That was the question I was asked in a radio interview on May 17. The producer of the program asked me what topic I would like to discuss, and when I said the Dow Jones transports, the young man was puzzled I chose a topic on which there was so very little interest. The radio producer, needless to say, is not the only observer who has so little regard for the transports.

    July 1995 | Journal

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    Deciphering the Trend: It’s All a Matter of Perspective

    Nearly every investor has heard of that venerable stock market saw, “The trend is your friend.” It makes sense. The trouble is, though, for most investors, deciphering the trend is often an effort in futility. However, it does not have to be so, as trends have identifiable characteristics, patterns that repeat time and time again.

    May 1995 | Journal