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Richard Evans

Richard Evans .

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  1. Technical Analysis »

    At Hand Once Again: The Season to Consider the January Effect

    With the market approaching the last quarter of the year, one of the most widely discussed anomalies of the stock market, the January effect, is once again fast approaching. While just how useful the January effect is for the individual investor will probably remain hotly debated in some quarters, my own work as well as other studies show that the January effect, if taken in the proper context, is a factor that investors can and should exploit.

    September 1994 | Journal

  2. Technical Analysis »

    Technical Clues From An Uncommon Source: The Dow Jones Utilities

    The Dow Jones utilities average is generally not considered one of the basic barometers of the stock market. While the industrials and transports are barometers in that their price action reflects the ebb and flow of future earnings, the regulated growth characteristics of the utilities lessen their significance as an overall barometer of future business activity.

    July 1994 | Journal

  3. Technical Analysis »

    An Investor’s Roadmap for Finding and Buying Low-Priced Stocks

    ‘Buy low, sell high’ is the time-honored proverb of investing. Investors who wind up ahead of the game have successfully bought low enough often enough, while investors who wind up out of the game have bought high and sold low once too often.

    May 1994 | Journal

  4. Technical Analysis »

    Two Technical Analysis Rules Pass Academic Muster

    Technical analysis has long been looked down upon in many influential circles. Academicians publish countless articles “proving” that technical analysis lacks merit. Technical analysis has also not been highly thought of by modern Wall Street analysts trained at the leading business schools, and skeptical journalists have not exactly been favorable to technical analysis, either.

    July 1993 | Journal

  5. Technical Analysis »

    Chart Basics Using Bars, Point & Figure and Candlesticks

    Technical analysis today comes to us under various and sundry names and disguises, ranging from the granddaddy of technical analysis, Dow’s theory, to a plethora of more exotic forms. However, in its simplest form, technical analysis is the study of the market action itself.

    April 1993 | Journal

  6. Technical Analysis »

    Dow’s Theory and the Averages

    Charles H. Dow will always hold a unique position in the history of the financial markets. He was one of the preeminent journalists of his day, as co-founder of Dow Jones & Company, and the first editor of The Wall Street Journal and later Barron’s. He also devised the first index to measure the trend of the market and penned some basic principles of stock market behavior—known as the Dow Theory—that laid the foundation on which much of technical analysis is based today.

    January 1993 | Journal