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Robert Muksian

author Image Robert Muksian is a professor of mathematics at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

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Area of Expertise: mathematics of finance

Books:Financial Mathematics Handbook,” “Mathematics of Interest Rates, Insurance, Social Security, and Pensions” and “Mathematics of Finance and Insurance”

Topics Presented in Speeches: “Private Pensions;” “Social Security;” “Social Security Benefits: Senior Citizens Freedom to Work Act” and “Social Security: Is It Worth the Wait”

Email: rmuksian@bryant.edu

Robert Muksian is a professor of mathematics at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island. He was the chair of the mathematics department from 1976 to 1989, during which period he designed and instituted an actuarial mathematics major. His research focuses on pre- and post-retirement planning, including the accumulation of assets and their distribution after retirement. His current research attempts to formulate a strategy for a 100% probability of not outliving one’s assets.

Muksian earned his Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics from the University of Rhode Island. He has been awarded the Bryant University Distinguished Faculty Award and the Bryant Federation Distinguished Faculty Award. He is a member of the Editorial Review Board of the Financial Planning Association and the Board of Canvassers of Cranston, Rhode Island. He has served on the boards of Cranston General Hospital, the Rhode Island Affiliate of the American Heart Association, the University of New England and the Board of Trustees of his Church. He is also a member of the Blue Cross–Blue Shield Corporation of Rhode Island.

Muksian’s research on Social Security has been published the Journal of Financial Planning. He has published several articles in the commentary pages of the Providence Journal, including pieces on the cost of pension obligation bonds and the economic effects of work-life expectancy.

Articles by this Author

  1. Portfolio Strategies »

    A Pseudo-Life Annuity: Is There a Downside?

    U.S. government STRIPS provide guaranteed income and, since they are purchased at steep discounts, will appreciate by the time of death.

    April 2013 | Journal

  2. Portfolio Strategies »

    A Pseudo-Life Annuity: Guaranteed Annual Income for 35 Years

    Investors can virtually guarantee a lifetime stream of income for their retirement years by creating a ladder of zero-coupon Treasury bonds.

    June 2012 | Journal

  3. Magic Numbers: Reduce the Math of Annuities to Simple Arithmetic image

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    Magic Numbers: Reduce the Math of Annuities to Simple Arithmetic

    Magic numbers are used in shortcuts that help you calculate portfolio growth, how long your savings will last and how much you can withdraw.

    October 2011 | Journal

  4. Financial Planning »

    Social Security: Delay or Take the Money and Run—Act II

    For most retirees, it makes economic sense to delay taking Social Security benefits until age 66.

    May 2011 | Journal

  5. Stock Strategies »

    The Best Day of the Year to Invest in the Market

    The timing of investments is always a dilemma for the individual investor. Looking backward, it is easy to find comprehensive analyses showing the best days to have invested. But looking forward, the probability of timing those most opportune investment opportunities is essentially zero. However, there is one day of the year that comes close to being the best day of any year.

    February 2006 | Journal

  6. Features »

    Social Security Benefits at 65: Delay, or Take the Money & Run?

    Portfolio Strategies: Those who are about to collect Social Security need to analyze whether they are better off receiving the lower amount of benefits now, or delaying and receiving the higher amount of benefits later. How to determine the breakeven age.

    August 2000 | Journal