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Wayne Thorp

author Image Wayne A. Thorp is a vice president and senior financial analyst at AAII and editor of Computerized Investing. Follow him on Twitter at @WayneTAAII.

Articles by this Author

Areas of Expertise: computerized investing, stock analysis, stock screening, technical analysis

Twitter Feed: @WayneTAAII

Topics Presented in Speeches: “How to Analyze a Stock,” “Finding a Stock Winner: First Step Screening,” “Computerized Stock Screening & Analysis” and “Stock Screening Using Stock Investor Pro

Wayne A. Thorp is a vice president at AAII and the editor of Computerized Investing, a newsletter considered to be the premier publication covering the use of personal computers for financial planning, investment analysis and portfolio management. As a financial columnist for AAII, Thorp has written a column for the AAIIJournal on technical analysis as well as articles on stock screening and analysis. He is also product manager for the Stock Investor Pro computerized fundamental data and screening program and serves on the Stock Superstars Report (SSR) and Dividend Investing (DI) advisory committees.

Thorp is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance. He was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2002. He has been with AAII since 1997.

Articles by this Author

  1. Computerized-investing »

    Mercury Extreme Pro SSD

    Ultra high–performance solid-state drive (SSD).

    April 2011 | Computerized-investing

  2. Computerized-investing »

    Livio Radio Featuring Pandora

    Access your personal Pandora radio account and over 20,000 Internet radio stations without the need for a computer.

    March 2011 | Computerized-investing

  3. Computerized-investing »

    Staying in Front of the Market With the “Stock Market Dashboard”

    Leslie Masonson believes that monitoring changes in market direction allows you to see exactly where it is going. His Stock Market Dashboard uses a combination of freely available indicators that signal when to buy, sell or stay on the sidelines.

    February 2011 | Computerized-investing

  4. Computerized-investing »

    MEElectronics M9-SL Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones

    February 2011 | Computerized-investing

  5. Stock-investor-pro »

    Popular Stock Screen Undergoes Change

    For the January 2011 release of Stock Investor Pro, we made a modification to one of the more popular predefined screens. The *Piotroski, Joseph screen has been renamed *Piotroski: High F-Score screen and the underlying criteria has been modified.

    February 2011 | Stock-investor-pro

  6. Computerized-investing »

    'Tis the Season

    Musings on the year that was and the year ahead.

    January 2011 | Computerized-investing

  7. Computerized-investing »

    Online Spreadsheet Programs

    A look at online spreadsheets as an alternative to costly software and as a venue for multi-user collaboration.

    January 2011 | Computerized-investing

  8. Computerized-investing »

    The Top Technical Analysis & Charting Websites

    Where to go to find the best combination of charting options, technical indicators and educational resources online.

    January 2011 | Computerized-investing

  9. Stock Screens »

    2010 Year-End Screening Review: Across the Board Gains

    See performance information for all 63 screens tracked by and find out which screen delivered the highest returns in 2010.

    January 2011 | Journal

  10. Computerized-investing »

    Jensen JiPS-250i Rocker Docking Station for iPad, iPod and iPhone

    Ever since the iPad was introduced in 2010, a flood of accessories have come to market to help users get the most from this piece of technology. However, one niche that seems to have gone under-served is speaker systems.

    January 2011 | Computerized-investing

  11. Computerized-investing »

    Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 Messenger Bag

    A roomy, TSA-approved messenger/laptop bag.

    January 2011 | Computerized-investing

  12. CI in the Journal »

    PC Buyer’s Guide

    Get suggestions on the best computers to use for investing.

    December 2010 | Journal

  13. Computerized-investing »

    Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth Headset

    The Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth headset uses Jabra’s Noise Blackout Extreme noise cancellation technology to help you be heard in the noisiest of environments.

    December 2010 | Computerized-investing

  14. Computerized-investing »

    Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910

    The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 offers high-quality audio and video in an easy-to-use package.

    December 2010 | Computerized-investing

  15. Computerized-investing »

    Computerized Investing’s Annual PC Buyer’s Guide

    If you are looking to purchase or upgrade a personal computer to aid you in the computerized investment analysis and tracking process, our recommendations here should allow you to run the top investment software titles available to individual investors.

    November 2010 | Computerized-investing