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Wayne Thorp

author Image Wayne A. Thorp is a vice president and senior financial analyst at AAII and editor of Computerized Investing. Follow him on Twitter at @WayneTAAII.

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Areas of Expertise: computerized investing, stock analysis, stock screening, technical analysis

Twitter Feed: @WayneTAAII

Topics Presented in Speeches: “How to Analyze a Stock,” “Finding a Stock Winner: First Step Screening,” “Computerized Stock Screening & Analysis” and “Stock Screening Using Stock Investor Pro

Wayne A. Thorp is a vice president at AAII and the editor of Computerized Investing, a newsletter considered to be the premier publication covering the use of personal computers for financial planning, investment analysis and portfolio management. As a financial columnist for AAII, Thorp has written a column for the AAIIJournal on technical analysis as well as articles on stock screening and analysis. He is also product manager for the Stock Investor Pro computerized fundamental data and screening program and serves on the Stock Superstars Report (SSR) and Dividend Investing (DI) advisory committees.

Thorp is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance. He was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2002. He has been with AAII since 1997.

Articles by this Author

  1. Computerized-investing »

    Individual Investor's Guide to PCs

    What you need to know before purchasing or upgrading a computer system for investing tasks. A look at the coming trends in computer hardware.

    November 2006 | Computerized-investing

  2. Computerized-investing »

    Editor's Outlook

    Apple's road to recovery leads to advancements for both Apple and Microsoft as they prepare to release new versions of their respective operating systems.

    November 2006 | Computerized-investing

  3. Stock Screens »

    The Lakonishok Approach to Value Investing: A Payoff for Patience

    Can academic theory be put to practice? A University of Illinois finance professor formed an investment management firm using quantitative models to find value companies. A look at the contrarian Lakonishok screen and how it has fared.

    October 2006 | Journal

  4. Stock Screens »

    Avoiding the Traps of Being Early: Value on the Move Screens

    AAII's Value on the Move screens seek value-oriented stocks but attempt to avoid typical value traps by adding criteria for earnings growth and relative strength.

    September 2006 | Journal

  5. Computerized-investing »

    Editor's Outlook

    Introducing James O'Shaughnessy's new stock-picking approaches based on the predicting market trends.

    September 2006 | Computerized-investing

  6. Stock Screens »

    Small-Company Investing Using the "Oberweis Octagon"

    AAII's screen patterned after the Oberweis Octagon focuses on rapidly growing companies that are attractively priced. A look at how the screen has performed, and its current holdings.

    August 2006 | Journal

  7. Stock Screens »

    Small Caps & Value Lead at the Mid-Point of 2006

    A mid-year review of the screens tracked on shows a reversal of last year’s trend, with value strategies topping growth approaches, and small-cap screens outperforming mid- and large-cap strategies.

    July 2006 | Journal

  8. Computerized-investing »

    CAN SLIM Analysis Using Online Tools

    AAII's stock screen based on William O'Neil's CAN SLIM approach has shown superior long-term performance. How to implement the CAN SLIM strategy yourself using readily available websites.

    July 2006 | Computerized-investing

  9. Computerized-investing »

    Editor's Outlook

    Comments on the battle between two different high-definition digital video technologies to become the consumer standard.

    July 2006 | Computerized-investing

  10. Stock Screens »

    A High-Yield Approach to Value Investing

    Dividend-paying stocks can provide a beneficial diversification component to aggressive, high-growth stock portfolios. How should you screen dividend reinvestment plan stocks? A conservative high-yield approach.

    June 2006 | Journal

  11. Stock Screens »

    The Muhlenkamp Approach: Screening for High ROEs at a Reasonable Price

    Ronald Muhlenkamp, lead manager of the Muhlenkamp Fund, takes a total return approach to investing, using a bottom-up strategy to select stocks, but adjusting benchmarks based upon the broad economic environment. AAII’s screen using the Muhlenkamp approach was one of the top-performing growth and value screens for 2005.

    May 2006 | Journal

  12. Computerized-investing »

    Web-Based Stock Screening Services

    Check out the strong combination of features offered at today’s stock screening Web sites. A look at 14 on-line services that can help you troll for prospective stocks.

    May 2006 | Computerized-investing

  13. Computerized-investing »

    Web-Based Stock Screening Services

    Check out the strong combination of features offered at today’s stock screening Web sites. A look at 14 on-line services that can help you troll for prospective stocks.

    May 2006 | Computerized-investing

  14. Computerized-investing »

    Editor's Outlook

    Apple Computer's announcements over the last year have the potential to level the playing field for Mac and Windows users. What their plans can mean to you.

    May 2006 | Computerized-investing

  15. Computerized-investing »

    Technical Analysis and Charting Software

    The wide and diverse area of technical analysis and charting software includes 21 programs that may be of interest to the typical individual investor. What the current versions of these 21 can offer you.

    March 2006 | Computerized-investing