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Wayne Thorp

author Image Wayne A. Thorp is a vice president and senior financial analyst at AAII and editor of Computerized Investing. Follow him on Twitter at @WayneTAAII.

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Areas of Expertise: computerized investing, stock analysis, stock screening, technical analysis

Twitter Feed: @WayneTAAII

Topics Presented in Speeches: “How to Analyze a Stock,” “Finding a Stock Winner: First Step Screening,” “Computerized Stock Screening & Analysis” and “Stock Screening Using Stock Investor Pro

Wayne A. Thorp is a vice president at AAII and the editor of Computerized Investing, a newsletter considered to be the premier publication covering the use of personal computers for financial planning, investment analysis and portfolio management. As a financial columnist for AAII, Thorp has written a column for the AAIIJournal on technical analysis as well as articles on stock screening and analysis. He is also product manager for the Stock Investor Pro computerized fundamental data and screening program and serves on the Stock Superstars Report (SSR) and Dividend Investing (DI) advisory committees.

Thorp is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance. He was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2002. He has been with AAII since 1997.

Articles by this Author

  1. Computerized-investing »

    Mean Variance Optimization

    Setting up an Excel spreadsheet to optimize the risk-return makeup of a simple two-stock portfolio.

    July 2011 | Computerized-investing

  2. CI in the Journal »

    The Cash Conversion Cycle

    Three ratios shed light on how effectively a company converts resources into cash.

    July 2011 | Journal

  3. Computerized-investing »

    Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

    Most people don’t spend a lot of time pondering their computer mouse. This is evident as the “cheapness” of the standard mice that come with new PCs seems to be reaching ever-greater heights. I suppose that as long as the mouse works, that is enough for most users. I admit, however, that I am not a typical PC user (AAII’s IT department can attest to that). Furthermore, I am part of the minority of people who prefer a trackball to a traditional mouse. This has been the case since I got my first laptop 17 years ago when I was a sophomore in college. Over these last 17 years, all but one of the trackballs I have used have been from Logitech. For the last several months I have been using Logitech’s latest trackball offering, the Wireless Trackball M570. While it is difficult to improve on such a mature design, I have been pleased with what I have seen.

    June 2011 | Computerized-investing

  4. Computerized-investing »

    i.Sound Keyboard Portfolio for iPad

    The i.Sound Keyboard Portfolio is the only portfolio on the market specifically designed to carry both the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the iPad. That functionality alone makes this portfolio extremely useful and desirable. That is a good thing, since its stability as a viewing stand leaves a lot to be desired.

    June 2011 | Computerized-investing

  5. Computerized-investing »

    Apple Wireless Keyboard

    I have been using an iPad for a couple of years now and have become rather adept at typing with the on-screen keyboard. While this is functional for Web browsing or typing emails, nothing can replace a real keyboard for typing articles or product reviews (at least for me). So I recently broke down and purchased an Apple Wireless Keyboard.

    June 2011 | Computerized-investing

  6. Computerized-investing »

    Breffo Spiderpodium Grip and Docking Station

    Every once in a while you come across a piece of gadgetry that is amazingly “low tech,” yet incredibly practical and useful. Such is the case with the Spiderpodium from Breffo. This unique gadget grip and docking station for smartphones, GPS devices and other handheld devices offers a number of solutions in the office or when travelling. The Spiderpodium I have been testing was given to me by the company.

    June 2011 | Computerized-investing

  7. Stock Screens »

    Driehaus Screen for Growth and Momentum Stocks

    Price and profit momentum are blended in this screening strategy to find potentially profitable investment ideas.

    June 2011 | Journal

  8. Computerized-investing »

    Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote

    Finally, there seems to be a remote that is truly universal—the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote, which was given to me by the company. This remote is about as advanced as you can get, allowing you to control up to 15 different components. However, with all its bells and whistles, it is still incredibly easy to set up and operate.

    May 2011 | Computerized-investing

  9. Computerized-investing »

    Plantronics Voyager PRO+ Bluetooth headset

    The Voyager PRO+ headset offers excellent noise-canceling capabilities and also allows you to stream audio from Advanced Audio Distribution–enabled (A2DP) devices. Best of all, the Voyager PRO+’s comfort fit allows you to wear it for hours without any trouble.

    May 2011 | Computerized-investing

  10. Computerized-investing »

    MEElectronics SP51P Sound Preference In-Ear Headphones With Microphone

    The MEElectronics SP51P headphones come with interchangeable tuning ports, which allow users to adjust the sound to fit their tastes. In addition, the SP51P model sports an in-line microphone and remote for hands-free talking for iPhones and many other mobile phones.

    May 2011 | Computerized-investing

  11. Computerized-investing »

    i.Sound Power View Pro

    Charging and viewing dock for Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone.

    May 2011 | Computerized-investing

  12. Stock-investor-pro »

    Tweedy, Browne’s “What Has Worked in Investing”

    May 2011 | Stock-investor-pro

  13. Computerized-investing »

    Magellan Roadmate 9055

    GPS Navigator with seven-inch wide video graphics array (WVGA) display.

    April 2011 | Computerized-investing

  14. Computerized-investing »

    Reader Benefits

    A reminder of the many extra benefits CI subscribers may be overlooking.

    April 2011 | Computerized-investing

  15. Computerized-investing »

    Using Relative Strength Analysis to Invest in ETFs

    A look at Leslie Masonson’s approach to constructing a portfolio of exchange-traded funds based on how they rank on relative strength.

    April 2011 | Computerized-investing