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Wayne Thorp

author Image Wayne A. Thorp is a vice president and senior financial analyst at AAII and editor of Computerized Investing. Follow him on Twitter at @WayneTAAII.

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Areas of Expertise: computerized investing, stock analysis, stock screening, technical analysis

Twitter Feed: @WayneTAAII

Topics Presented in Speeches: “How to Analyze a Stock,” “Finding a Stock Winner: First Step Screening,” “Computerized Stock Screening & Analysis” and “Stock Screening Using Stock Investor Pro

Wayne A. Thorp is a vice president at AAII and the editor of Computerized Investing, a newsletter considered to be the premier publication covering the use of personal computers for financial planning, investment analysis and portfolio management. As a financial columnist for AAII, Thorp has written a column for the AAIIJournal on technical analysis as well as articles on stock screening and analysis. He is also product manager for the Stock Investor Pro computerized fundamental data and screening program and serves on the Stock Superstars Report (SSR) and Dividend Investing (DI) advisory committees.

Thorp is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance. He was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2002. He has been with AAII since 1997.

Articles by this Author

  1. Computerized-investing »

    Editor's Outlook: Apple Pulls a Microsoft

    Apple's surreptitious inclusion of the new Safari Web browser as a default "update" choice is a good reminder to be vigilant whenever responding to automatic prompts--it's all too easy to accidentally install unwanted programs.

    May 2008 | Computerized-investing

  2. Stock Screens »

    Ralph Wanger's Survival Guide to Investing in Small-Cap Stocks

    Ralph Wanger's investing style of holding small companies with financial strength, entrepreneurial managers, and understandable businesses allowed him to generate enviable returns while managing the Acorn Fund between 1970 and 2003. A look at AAII's screen that follows the Ralph Wanger approach.

    April 2008 | Journal

  3. Computerized-investing »

    Technical Analysis & Charting Programs

    An investigation of 11 software packages for analyzing the market activity of a stock that are geared toward the typical individual investor. Our comprehensive grid and program summaries are designed to help you focus on the technical analysis and charting software that can provide the features you need.

    March 2008 | Computerized-investing

  4. Computerized-investing »

    Editor's Outlook: Microsoft's Dirty Vista Secret

    Recently surfaced E-mails between Microsoft executives reveal knowledge that the soon-to-be-released Vista operation system would have trouble running on computers labeled as Vista-capable.

    March 2008 | Computerized-investing

  5. Stock Screens »

    Investing in Proven Growth Using CAN SLIM Revised

    William O’Neil’s original CAN SLIM approach was based on analyzing the biggest stock market winners from 1953 to 1993. But the analysis was extended to 2001 and the criteria revised. A look at how our screen based on this revised approach has fared.

    February 2008 | Journal

  6. Master Strategists for 2007: AAII's Top Stock Screens image

    Features »

    Master Strategists for 2007: AAII's Top Stock Screens

    The fiercest battle in 2007 was not among the strategists, but against the market itself. Nonetheless, the top strategist's win was decisive: The O'Shaughnessy Small Cap Growth and Value methodology closed the year up 43.9%.

    January 2008 | Journal

  7. Computerized-investing »

    Editor's Outlook: A New Year, a New Look

    Computerized Investing begins 2008 with a redesigned layout and added color to enhance our readers' experience. Also, comments on the feature article in this issue on tax preparation software.

    January 2008 | Computerized-investing

  8. Computerized-investing »

    Computerized Investing's Guide to Buying a PC

    A look at the current trends in computer hardware and what you need to know before purchasing a new system or upgrading your system.

    November 2007 | Computerized-investing

  9. Stock Screens »

    The Foolish Approach to Small-Cap Stock Investing

    The Foolish Small Cap 8 screen attempts to isolate profitable, rapidly growing small-cap firms using an approach originally developed by the The Motley Fool Web site.

    November 2007 | Journal

  10. Computerized-investing »

    Computerized Investing's Guide to Buying a PC

    A look at the current trends in computer hardware and what you need to know before purchasing a new system or upgrading your system.

    November 2007 | Computerized-investing

  11. Computerized-investing »

    Editor's Outlook

    A recent bug discovered in Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program highlights the potential risks of relying on the results of software or Web sites to make financial decision.

    November 2007 | Computerized-investing

  12. Stock Screens »

    The Rule #1 Approach to Finding Wonderful Companies

    Warren Buffett’s #1 rule of investing is: Don't lose money And how do you accomplish that small feat? By investing in wonderful companies at attracive prices, according to Phil Town, author of a new book that outlines his approach. A look at AAII's new stock screen based on Town's methodology.

    October 2007 | Journal

  13. Stock Screens »

    Style Diversification Using the James O'Shaughnessy Approach

    While stock investors have been debating the merits of growth versus value strategies for decades, James O'Shaughnessy has shown that both approaches work--but on different kinds of stocks. How to screen for growth and value using the O'Shaughnessy approach.

    September 2007 | Journal

  14. Computerized-investing »

    Rule #1 Stock Screening

    Translating Phil Town’s Rule #1 approach into a stock screen for finding “wonderful” companies at attractive prices.

    September 2007 | Computerized-investing

  15. Computerized-investing »

    Editor's Outlook

    Comments on the Vista operating system as Microsoft prepares to release the first service pack for the program.

    September 2007 | Computerized-investing