Local Chapter Meetings  
You can enjoy learning about investing throughout the year by attending AAII local chapter meetings. AAII's over 50 local chapters across the country bring investment education to your doorstep. Because AAII chapter meetings are planned by volunteer leaders who are AAII members like you, chapter meetings uniquely reflect the investment interests of members and the character of a community.
Getting Started on AAII.com  
These articles will teach you the fundamentals you need to start a successful investment program. The area also serves as a useful refresher course for those who need to brush up on the basics. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned investor, this is for you! Learn about the risk and return trade-off, diversification, asset allocation and more.
Lifetime Investment Strategy  
While individuals invest more money in Treasury bills, bank accounts, bonds and real estate than in equities, there has always been a mystique and allure about the stock market. This collection is designed to help you understand risk and its relationship to return. It will also provide guidelines for the long-term successful management of your stock portfolio.
Investing Course: First Steps to Successful Investing  
The Investor Classroom courses provide step-by-step lessons to teach important investment ideas and techniques.