Chapter Meeting Calendar

AAII Chapter Meetings offer you a variety of presentations from expert speakers who will give you their view on the world of investing. A bonus of attending a Chapter Meeting near you is the opportunity to meet other AAII members who share your interest and enthusiasm for investing. You can even share the Chapter experience with your family and friends by inviting them to attend Chapter Meetings with you!

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Event Date Chapter Name Speaker
  December 12, 2015 Baton Rouge Jonathan Booth, CFA
Co-Founder and CEO, Booth-Laird Investment Partnership
"How to Properly and Efficiently Analyze Companies"

  December 9, 2015 Central Florida Al Baker, CFP
Registered Investment Adviser Representative, SWS Financial Services, Inc.
"Enhancing Returns with High Relative Strength ETF Sectors"

  December 9, 2015 Columbus Phil Giessler
Realtor and Owner, Cam Taylor Co. Ltd. Realtors
"Residential Real Estate Sales and Regulations in 2015"

  December 16, 2015 Dallas/Fort Worth Fred Richards
Editor, Strategic Investing
"Outlook 2015: Peering into a Crystal Ball"

  December 2, 2015 New York City Bruce Johnstone
Managing Director and Senior Marketing Investment Strategist, Fidelity Investments
"How Do We Make the Best of Sluggish Optimism? "

  December 12, 2015 Phoenix Alan C. Snyder
Managing General Partner, Shinnecock Partners
"The Unusual Investment Opportunity in Non-Bank Banks"

  December 12, 2015 Research Triangle Dr. Joseph Williamson
Consultant and Former Executive
"What Should You Think About When Using the Internet?"

  December 5, 2015 Silicon Valley Fred Smith
Registered Investment Adviser
"Financial Planning Workshop: Active Versus Passive Investment Strategies"

Claudia Hill
Principal, TaxMam
"2015 Taxes & Planning for 2016"

  January 9, 2016 Silicon Valley Fred Smith
Registered Investment Adviser
"Financial Planning Workshop: Retirement Planning"

Thomas J. Kopas
Principal and Portfolio Manager, Pring-Turner Capital Group
"Financial Market Outlook: Welcome to the Challenges in 2016!"

  January 12, 2016 St. Louis Paulina Restrepo-Echavarria
Economist, St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank
"Economic Outlook"

  December 3, 2015 Twin Cities Lee Wenzel
President, Wenzel Analytics, Inc.
"Dangerous Maxims"