Chapter Meeting Calendar

AAII Chapter Meetings offer you a variety of presentations from expert speakers who will give you their view on the world of investing. A bonus of attending a Chapter Meeting near you is the opportunity to meet other AAII members who share your interest and enthusiasm for investing. You can even share the Chapter experience with your family and friends by inviting them to attend Chapter Meetings with you!

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Event Date Chapter Name Speaker
  August 9, 2014 Research Triangle Fidelity Investments

"Understanding ETFs"

  August 13, 2014 Denver Jon Tesseo
Vice President, Denver Investment Advisors
"The Little-Known World of Micro-Cap Value Investing "

  August 16, 2014 Pittsburgh Subgroup Leaders

"12th Annual “Picnic in the Park Symposium”"

  August 23, 2014 Orange County Stephen L. McKee
President, Investment Selections & Timing, Inc.
"How to Select the Best Mutual Funds and ETFs"

  August 26, 2014 Atlanta Charles L. Abney III, CFA
Portfolio Manager and Director, ZWJ Investment Counsel
"Stock Research and Risk Management"

  September 4, 2014 St. Louis Alex Bryan
Fund Analyst, Morningstar
"Strategic Beta Funds"

  September 9, 2014 Eastern Michigan Paul Townsend
Associate Vice President and Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors LLC
"It’s What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts "

  September 27, 2014 Orange County Todd Macaluso
Sales Director, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement
"How Is Medicare Changing for Retirees? "

  November 6, 2014 St. Louis Nicholas G. Atkeson
Partner, Delta Investment Management
"How to Earn Double-Digit Returns While Avoiding Major Down Markets in a Safety-First Approach "