Collecting Basic Data on a Stock

Step 1: Where Do I Find the Data I Need to Analyze a Stock?

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The Valuation Worksheet provides a systematic approach to gathering information needed for the valuations. Clearly, the information sources play a critical role in the analysis. Here, we take a closer look at sources of information and some of the problems and differences you may encounter when using them.

Per Share Data

Classroom Steps

Most of the information on the Valuation Worksheet can be derived from the per share financial information detailed at the top. This consists of, for each of the last five years: high and low share prices, earnings per share, dividends per share and book value per share.

The primary source for the per share information is the firm's annual financial reports. Corporate annual reports will include both summary and detailed financial statements, although even more detailed financial statements are available in a separate report, the 10K. Both of these reports can be requested from the company, or obtained at the SEC's website.

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