SigFig for Android and IOS

July 19, 2014


Android and IOS app allows you to manage your personal investments directly.

SigFig (short for Significant Figures) is an excellent way to manage your investments without being overwhelmed with information. The app allows users to sync their investment accounts and track stocks, funds, 401(k)s and IRAs in real-time. An attractive and easy-to-use dashboard displays all of your account balances in one secure location. Simply put, SigFig allows people to serve as their own financial advisers. Users can view charts to review performance, allocation, risk and more. News and price charts for each stock holding are also provided in a clear and easy-to-read manner.

Additionally, SigFig diagnoses your portfolio and gives you data-driven investment advice for making changes. SigFig suggests how to fix bad investments (those that are underperforming, too risky for your profile, etc.) and eliminate costly fees and helps you figure out if you are being overcharged or underserved by your investment advisers.

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