Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word for iPad

April 19, 2014

Free with Office 365 subscription ($70-$99.99 a year to create and edit documents)

Microsoft productivity apps optimized for the iPad.

Nearly four years ago Apple introduced the iPad, forever changing the mobile device landscape. Currently there are roughly 500,000 apps native to iPad available from the Apple App Store, but until recently, there wasn’t a native app, or suite of apps, to complement Microsoft’s Office productivity suite for the iPad. iPhone and Android phone users had apps to navigate and create Office apps, but they were scaled-back versions of the desktop-based applications. That all changed when Microsoft, deviating from its long-standing “Windows-First” model, released apps for Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Having used Microsoft Office my entire professional career, I was never able to embrace Google’s productivity apps or Apple’s iWork, each with their own word processing, presentation and spreadsheet utilities. So when I heard that Microsoft was releasing native iPad apps for the software I use almost every day, I was thrilled. Here is my review of the three apps.

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