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Donald Burns from NM posted over 3 years ago:

I'm tired of paying VectorVest $600+ for a year's subscription to Pro Graphics for the single purpose of running an algorithm to find stocks having a dividend yield >10% (plus other factors like a BUY recommendation, value > price, etc).

Can AAII do something similar for less money?

Ray Holland from NC posted over 3 years ago:

don, i'm not familiar with vectorvest's screener, but finviz's screener is pretty good and it's free. it doesn't have "buy recommendations", but it's pretty good. for example, if you just filter for div yield > 10%, there's only 133 tickers(includes ETFs). then you can filter based on fundamental, technical data,optionable, etc. you can also export the results to excel. i use it for screening and then copy tickers into another platform(thinkorswim which is free) for charting and possible watchlists.

Michael Handy from OR posted over 3 years ago:

Portfolio Optimization Program

Understand the new PO program will be out in a 64 bit format by this march 2013. It will be a big help and don't understand why it was developed on 32 bit format. I didn't want to get a Microsoft patch to make it run

Option Software

An option software program or links to the site that have them would be good. An evaluation by one of the writers would be helpful. Some of us look at covered calls or covered call spreads as a good tool to increase portfolio return.

George Lennon from NC posted over 3 years ago:

ROBOFORM is "free" as represented. BUT, there's a catch. It is free for only the first 10 passwords. For more, you have to buy a license.

Do others know of a password protector software which is (1) free for an unlimited number of passwords/sites, (2) will run on both IE and iphone, and (3) will sync between those devices?


Michael Tweed from OH posted over 3 years ago:

Have a look at KeePass Not sure about the iphone part, but it does a nice job on my PC

Hitesh Patel from PA posted over 3 years ago:

For Password management, I like

Mike Wells from OK posted over 3 years ago:

I use LastPass for password protection and it works on any machine that I am aware of. I know it works on Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC, Nook, and Kindle. It also sinks between all devices. It does cost $10/year to sink with devices other than Mac and PC. Xmarks sinks all of my Bookmarks across all of the above devices as well. By itself, it costs $10/year to sink across all devices, however if a person subscribes to both "premium" products, the cost drops to $16/year.

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