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| | | COMMENTS (2) | A A   Reset is a stock market data platform that has recently released a cloud-based service for active investors and professionals. Users can create up to 10 completely customizable screens or tabs. contains four main screens that are referred to as “modules.”

The Screamer module connects you to your own live streaming market data for monitoring your watchlists and portfolios. The Screamer allows for customization and can handle up to 10 portfolios with up to 50 symbols in each. However, there is a plug-in available for subscribers that allows more than 50 symbols.

The Newsroom module provides real-time news from over 500 financial sources.

The Radar Map View, or RadarXray module, is an interactive analytical tool that allows the user to get a unique visual representation of how the market is doing. If a particular sector, industry or stock is up or down and it stands out, the program will display that visually so users don’t miss any important fluctuations.

The Smart Charts module is for charting and includes live tick information to 20 years of history. There are over 50 technical indicators and several different charting types. Settings can be saved so you can create your own charting styles.

The program can create a split screen, so more modules can be on the page at once. Windows are easily resized and configured. The five tabs across the top include a main screen and each of the modules. The user has the ability to create a new tab with any view or table. You can add a chart, screamer, news, radar, option chain and more. Portfolios can be imported from brokerage accounts. subscribers can feed live real-time quotes and other market data to an Excel spreadsheet, or view the data on the program, allowing for up-to-the-second portfolio tracking. The program offers an Excel API Plug-in for further analysis. A sector tracker can also be launched. This displays different sectors, as well be as whether they are up (green) or down (red). If you click a particular sector, the industries will displayed. If you continue to click, the sector is broken down into the companies in each subindustry. This feature is helpful because you can see which companies and subindustries are performing with and against the overall sector. Live news is provided from over 500+ sources. is useful for technical analysis as well as general market analysis. However, make sure you save anything that you do on the program, as it doesn’t automatically save.

System Requirements: Windows Vista/XP/7/8 or Mac OSX; requires Java

Price: $29.95 per month; free 7-day trial

MultiCharts 8.5

MultiCharts 8.5 is a trading platform that recently released a major upgrade featuring new graphs, indicators, data feed and more.

DTN IQFeed, one of the highest ranked data feeds for MultiCharts, is now available for a 30-day free trial. DTN IQFeed data features include: the ability to watch 500 symbols at a time, real-time data from several sources including CME, CBOT, NYMEX and more, increased availability of historical data, and back-adjusted continuous futures charts. There is delayed data on stocks, indexes and international futures exchanges such as Eurex, Simex, and NYSE Liffe.

A new chart type on MultiCharts 8.5 is called Volume Delta. This chart lets you see how many trades were done at ask and bid for each price level within a bar on the chart. There are several different calculation methods that you can choose from. There is also a Cumulative Data chart, which shows direction-based volume accumulation as opposed to price. The new Volume Profile feature lets users track trading activity volume across different price levels and varying time lengths.

MultiCharts 8.5 now lets users add flexible commission rules to make backtesting more accurate. The new version also includes a quick access dropdown that allows users to access recently used symbols and resolutions. The exit strategy behavior feature has been improved so that users can now see all the alerts created by scripts.

MultiCharts offers a free edition of the program called MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition, which doesn’t have all the features of MultiCharts 8.5, but was also recently revamped. There is a free 30-day trial.

System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8; 1GB RAM

Price: $297/three months, $497/six months, $797/year; $1,497/lifetime; free 30-day trial

MultiCharts 8.5

Power E*Trade Pro 5.0

Power E*Trade Pro 5.0 is an upgrade of the E*Trade Pro trading platform for active traders. Power E*Trade Pro’s chart interface is user friendly and provides real-time information on the current market. Power E*Trade Pro streams top 10 investment recommendations daily as well as direct access to NYSE, NYSE Arca, BRUT and INET. Investors now have the capability to create alerts using customizable settings. Historical chart data is available for up to 20 years. In addition to NASDAQ TotalView and Level II quotes, Power E*Trade Pro also provides real-time watchlists and access to extended trading hours. Power E*Trade Pro allows traders to react to market-moving news and place orders starting at 7:00 a.m., at no additional cost.

The program has conditional order capabilities, where investors can predetermine factors for which they want to buy and sell a security. When the specified conditions are met, the software will execute the order. Another new feature allows users to use Speed Key to program their keyboard with certain commands that will execute with one key stroke. Power E*Trade Pro reviews your trading patterns, and then prompts you to create shortcuts or speed keys to place trades as quickly as possible.

Many of the new features speed up processes and allow more room for customization. One example is the Windows feature, which allows you to organize all the data, charts and tickers for one stock in a window, therefore making it easier to view all the information at one glance.

Power E*Trade Pro provides free investment research from several different sources including Standard & Poor’s, and many more. CNBC TV can be streamed live directly from the program. The Strategy Scanner lets the user find trading ideas with strategy recognition, real-time streaming alerts and integrated backtesting. E*Trade recently upgraded this feature to make it easier for viewers to find their next idea. The Strategy Scanner has improved predefined strategies that can easily be shared with other E*Trade Pro users. The update includes enhanced backtesting capabilities, which provide a graphical view of how your strategies would have performed under several different scenarios. Four virtual desktops are created within the program to maximize workspace and allow for the greatest amount of information to show.

Power E*Trade Pro costs $69 per month.

System Requirements: Windows 7/Vista/2000/XP with 512MB free RAM or Mac OSX 10.5 or later with 512MB free RAM; also compatible with Linux, Solaris and Unix

Price: $69/month

Power E*TRADE Pro

Delta Trading 6

Delta Trading 6 is a redesigned trading platform created by Deltastock, an online forex and CFD (contracts for difference) broker. This program can be used by new traders, but is also powerful enough to meet the high standards of experienced traders. It allows traders to use their desktop, Web device or mobile device to trade forex, gold, silver and CFDs on energy, commodities, financial futures and more.

As with many new technical products being released, Delta Trader 6 offers a lot room for customization. Each panel can be moved, rearranged or even pinned to the screen and off the main workspace at the user’s discretion. A new feature in the works is the ECN module. ECN stands for electronic communication network and is a term used to describe a system that eliminates the role of a third party and allows brokers and individuals to interact and trade directly. Delta Trading 6’s Level 2 price window allows you to choose which liquidity provider to trade with or to negotiate trades without dealer interference.

The quote panel was redesigned so users can track instruments of their choice and trade directly from the quote panel. Market, limit, stop and one-cancels-other (OCO) orders are all separated into different tabs to make it more visually appealing and easy to use. OCO is a new order type appearing on many trading platforms; it allows users to open positions in opposing directions, one up and one down, and when the market reaches one of them, the other order shuts down automatically.

Delta Trading 6 was designed to make depositing and withdrawing assets easy. Payments are usually handled through a user’s broker website, but with Delta Trading 6 users can access their assets directly through the platform.

Logical Mode was designed for users who may not be able to keep a close eye on the platform. In this mode, you can set up a sequence of orders where each one is a prerequisite for the next.

Delta Trading offers an integrated help manual available to all traders. Deltastock has had several beta versions of this program, and continues to advance and improve Delta trading platforms.

System Requirements: Windows XP or greater; Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Full)

Price: $100 minimum required to open account; additional fees per trade may be applicable

DeltaTrading 6 Relaunches With Redesign recently redesigned their website. There’s a new Windows 8-style navigation with links to new pages such as education, user-forum, the Wiki and Wealth-Lab downloads. My Dashboard is a new feature that includes many user-friendly widgets. One of the best new features is WealthSignals, which merges technical analysis and backtesting software with the Wealth-Lab user community. It is a trading system subscriber network based on end-of-day mechanical strategies using selected U.S.-traded equities and exchange-traded funds ETFs. Authors can display trading strategies compiled and backtested using their Wealth-Lab software, then upload their results to the site for viewers to access on a subscription basis. Adds New Channel recently launched the first live technical analysis TV channel using Thomson Reuters MetaStock XENITH. This new terminal includes 20 to 30 live videos per day and a live TV player showing technical analysis setups throughout the day in real time. The channel also covers live breaking economic and political news headlines. Offers New Finance Features

The Wall Street Journal announced that it will introduce WSJ.Money, a new personal wealth management magazine and webpage, and has started a blog dedicated to global finance, markets, and mergers and acquisitions. The magazine will cover personal finance and wealth management for the long term and be available online under the Markets tab with the title Wealth Mgmt. The new blog, called MoneyBeat, is devoted to critiquing and analyzing the biggest trends and news stories in finance, markets and deal-making. It combines several of the WSJ’s most widely read blogs: MarketBeat, The Source, Overheard and the various global Deal Journals. Hot topics are highlighted at the top and the main areas of the blog include markets, deals, banks, private equity, hedge funds and bankruptcy.

Portfolio Area Now at CNN Money has added a new portfolio tracking section to their website, titled Portfolio. This feature allows the user to instantly sync and securely track 401(k) plan accounts, IRA accounts and brokerage accounts on a single dashboard. Charts and graphs can be displayed, showing real-time performance and risk. The user can run more than 100 tests on their holdings and trading behavior. Adds News Stream recently added a new feature to the website called Markets Stream. This stream gives users a new way to stay on top of and other news coverage in real time. A blend of news and commentary flows into the stream and is subsequently displayed on the page. also points viewers to interesting news tidbits from elsewhere on the Internet and on social networks. Users can toggle between chronological order and most recent entries first. Content Moving announced that as of July 2, 2013, the website’s content and tools will live on in a co-branded personal finance section. User portfolios on can be automatically imported to

New ScottradeELITE in Beta Testing

Scottrade is beta testing a new version of ScottradeELITE platform for active traders. The beta version can be accessed from the Scottrade website for those who qualify for ScottradeELITE (accounts over $25,000, or at least nine trades over the last three months). Users can test the new program by moving their watchlists, templates and layouts from the legacy version of ScottradeELITE to the beta version. The upgrade includes enhanced charting capabilities, new sector and industry analysis and an advanced scanner. A scrolling dashboard was added so users can access all their open trading tools from one location.

Stock Trader’s Professional Assistant App (for iPhone & iPad app)

Wolfram Alpha has released a new trading tool for iPhone and iPad users. The app gives users access to many different technical trading charts with several indicators. Stock Trader’s Professional Assistant can look up current information about companies’ latest trades and recent returns. Futures contracts information can be computed from the app, as well as discounted cash flows, capital asset pricing models, dividend discount models and several other equity valuation formulas. Options can be calculated, along with hedging calculations for stock and commodity contracts. The app costs $4.99 and is also available as a PC download.


W Shepherd from FL posted over 4 years ago:

SmartMoney's portfolio tracking service gave the user the option of reinvesting dividends or taking cash. MarketWatch doesn't. I have not found a free portfolio tracking service that keeps track of dividends and allows you to reinvest.

Matthias Schoener from CA posted over 4 years ago: costs $39.95/month, not $29.95, as the article indicates. Maybe the price went up since the article was published.

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