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End Game Investments

End Game Investments Inc. (EGI), founded in 2012, uses automated algorithms that combine data analysis techniques and technical analysis to attempt to forecast future stock price. Investors can use the site’s predictions to backtest their own strategies before they invest real money.

The program provides an estimated price change and probability of occurrence based on a customizable time frame. The predicted price movement is based on historical data, matching patterns in historical price movement to future price change. In essence, chart patterns are identified that have been strongly associated with upward or downward price movement and these patterns are used to predict future price swings in indicated securities. Users can choose the security, the index to measure it against (S&P 500 index or the Dow Jones industrial average), the estimated time span they wish to hold the security and the pattern type specifications. Pattern type specifications include peak reversals, flag and pendants and Japanese candlestick. After the probability of price movement statistics are generated, investors can use them in three applications: Strategy Builder, Market Overview and Detailed Analysis.

The Strategy Builder allows investors to create and optimize their strategy using historical predictions and actual market data. Investors can choose a set of criteria under which a stock should be bought or sold. The program will then look through historical data to find stocks that meet the criteria. If a stock is bought, it is placed into a theoretical portfolio. If the stock reaches the sell criteria, it is theoretically sold. Users can choose buy or sell criteria based on upward or downward probability, magnitude or lowest number of occurrences. A report is generated on the theoretical portfolio, then compared to the overall benchmark market performance (S&P 500 or Dow) over the same period.

The Market Overview allows investors to screen for stocks with the best or worst predicted statistics to find potential long or short positions. All of the stocks in the analyzed market can be ranked against each other based on one of the statistics generated.

The Detailed Analysis can be used to examine a particular stock in detail. This shows predictions made in the past compared against actual market performance in an interactive chart application.

A free demo version is available at the site, but it has limited capabilities.

System Requirements: Internet browser with JavaScript enabled

Price: Basic subscription; $7.49 per month; free demo

End Game Investments, Inc.

Interactive Brokers’ Trader Workstation (TDW)

Trader Workstation (TWS) is designed by Interactive Brokers to enable traders, investors and institutions to trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds on over 100 markets worldwide from a single account.

There are two different interfaces on the TWS program. One is the Mosaic interface, which is preconfigured to display several different windows on one screen and shows all the basic information you need. The second interface is called Advanced Order Mode and is for more complex orders. The TWS system can be accessed from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Market scanners allow users to scan global markets for the top-performing issues. Investors can pick their own filters, or use one of the many scanners that are provided. The News tab is easily customizable and users can add market signals to their news feed.

TWS also offers extensive charting capabilities. The Trader Workstation uses real-time scalable, customizable charts to which users can add their own technical studies or trendlines. Investors can trade directly from the chart and monitor more than one chart at once. Users can add studies onto their charts or create template charts.

Placing trades is simple. The quick click feature allows users to generate orders by left-clicking on the bid or ask price to instantly create an order row directly below the ticker. The Risk Navigator is a real-time market risk management tool that groups positions by asset class. Predefined reports present summaries of your portfolio from different risk perspectives. Custom scenarios can be created as well as “what-if” scenarios.

Recent enhancements to the workstation include improved bond-related features, support for Mini options on U.S. stocks and additional chart features. In-depth company data ranges from ratios to company financials and charts.

The platform itself is free to Interactive Brokers account holders; the data feed is what you pay for. Users can purchase features a la carte, and several different demos are available.

Syste m Requirements: Windows XP/7/8 or Mac OSX 10.6 or higher; Java enabled; Interactive Brokers account

Price: Free for Interactive Brokers account holders

Interactive Brokers


TipRanks is a free browser add-on (extension) that automatically displays the measured performance of financial experts when they appear online in articles the user is reading. The program was designed to assist individual investors in making informed decisions about buying, selling or holding stocks by consulting an analysts’ accuracy record. The site’s Financial Accountability Engine collects digitally published information regarding stock recommendations from over 5,000 sell-side analysts and ranks them by their past performance. This makes it easy for investors to see how these analysts compare to their colleagues in terms of their stock recommendations and success. Analyst accuracy scores are determined from over 30,000 recommendations.

After downloading the program, a welcome screen will appear showing you how to get started with some recommended articles. However, the add-on integrates with many financial “portals,” such as Yahoo! Finance and CNNMoney. When you open an article, you will see the TipRanks feature on the right-hand side of your browser window listing the analysts who are mentioned in the article. Click on an analyst’s name to see what company he works for, which sector he covers, and his performance. TipRanks gives an overall performance rank for the analyst compared to all the analysts in their system, along with the ranking factors. A success rate figure shows how often the analyst’s recommendation outperformed the S&P 500 index. The analyst’s rating history includes the most recent ratings they’ve recommended. The top analysts rating the company mentioned in the article are also identified.

TipRanks has a live feed of best-performing analysts. Investors can see top analysts and their recent recommendations, with a link to the original article. Investors can also search for a specific company by name or symbol.

A free version of the program allows users to view the analyst accuracy report and select one analyst to integrate with finance portals. The premium version is $14.95 per month; it allows portal integration with up to three analysts and includes the analyst accuracy report, analysts’ ratings history, top-ranked analyst opinions, analyst ratings search, analyst email alerts and stock email alerts. The ultimate version costs $24.95 per month and includes everything that the premium does, but also adds a top-analyst live feed and lets users see all analysts on any stock. The premium and ultimate plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

System Requirements: Internet browser

Price: Basic, free; premium, $14.95/month; ultimate, $24.95/month


SmartFolio 3

SmartFolio is a software package that helps investors create their optimal portfolio based on personal investment preferences. SmartFolio theory uses a multi-period time setting to allow for continuous rebalancing. Instead of using a constant number of units, portfolio are rebalanced based on weights or proportions. Several rates of returns can be calculated from historical data and the program also performs several risk calculations.

You start using the program by clicking “manage assets,” where you create different asset categories and sub-categories. Next, you import historical data, which is easily downloaded directly from Yahoo! Finance. After your data is downloaded, you assign each asset to a group that you created. You then construct your portfolio by clicking the portfolio construction button. Several tools and statistics allow you to analyze your portfolio’s structure, allocation and historical risk and return. You can create price charts to track long-term price trends. Logarithmic returns of your portfolio can be viewed to search for outliers, and a correlation matrix can be created. Charts show you various measures that define risk and reward using individual assets or the portfolio as a whole.

SmartFolio provides many tools to analyze portfolio optimization, such as an efficient frontier function. Investors select portfolio structure constraints and then an efficient frontier line is generated on a risk-reward graph.

Value at risk (VaR) analysis allows the investor to find out how their portfolio satisfies their risk appetite. You can also set limits on portfolio weights. Value at risk is defined as the maximum portfolio loss over a given time interval at a given level of statistical confidence. It will tell you the percentage chance that you could lose more than a given amount.

Overall, SmartFolio is a comprehensive analysis package for investors who find statistical analysis of portfolios essential. The website provides extensive information on how the figures are calculated and gives definitions. A step-by-step tutorial walks you through the program. A 30-day trial version is available from their website.

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7; Excel 2000 or higher

Price: One-year license for one machine, $199; permanent license for one machine, $599; free 30-day trial

Modern Investment Technologies


Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) Redesigns Its Website

The FAF is the administrative arm of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), which sets the standards for financial accounting for public companies. The FAF website is designed to be the primary source of news and information about the FAF and its activities. Navigation is now more user-friendly and content is presented in plain English. Videos and other new content cover U.S. accounting standards, the role of the FAF and FASB, and policy issues and initiatives.

Credit Karma Launches Credit Karma Insight

Credit Karma is a website that offers individuals a free credit report from TransUnion. The website recently added a financial platform called Credit Karma Insight, which offers free account monitoring. When you connect your bank accounts and credit cards to the monitoring service, email alerts will be sent to notify you of updates, such as when a bill is due, when a large purchase is made, or when an unnecessary fee may have been charged. This service is free.

CleaCheckbook Now Offered as Windows App

ClearCheckbook is a money management website and iPhone and Android app geared toward allowing individuals to manage their finances and balance their checkbooks. The company recently announced approval of their Windows 8 app. The basic ClearCheckbook site and apps are free, but users can upgrade to premium service for $4 per month to access extra features such as: running balances, mass editing, projecting future balances, transaction histories and more. Introduces Live Analysis Room recently introduced a Live Analysis Room, which is a free service that offers forex traders assistance, market analysis and strategies in real time on a daily basis. Every weekday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST, trader and analyst Dale Pinkert provides mentorship assistance on live market data. In addition, traders can collaborate and share charts to learn from each other as well as guest speakers. Traders can interact through a chat window.

New Indicator Added to NinjaTrader and TradeStation

The Bar Analyzer is a new trading indicator added to NinjaTrader and TradeStation platforms that makes it possible to visualize the forces inside a price bar using volume profile, market depth, support and resistance, and historical price analysis. The Bar Analyzer has four different analysis modules, or “blocks,” that display real-time market data. Instead of investors drawing their own support and resistance (S/R) levels, the indicator now includes automatic S/R levels. This new free tool is easy to add to either platform, but online help is available.

AceMoney Lite Update 4.35

AceMoney Lite is a free scaled-down version of the AceMoney personal finance software program. In addition to managing your budget, you can track performance of your investments and conduct online banking. The most recent update was August 21, 2013. It simplified registration and fixed a download issue with Yahoo stock prices. It also made start-up faster for Windows and Mac.


LittlefishFX is a website created with the overall goal of helping investors with trading. The site has a team of traders, analysts and developers who share their knowledge and experience. There are articles, systems, indicators, courses and much more to help traders become more prepared. FX trading tools can be downloaded.

Technical Analysis Portfolio Services (TA Today)

TA Today provides both free and paid services for “neoclassical” technical analysis. Neoclassical technical analysis is different than regular technical analysis in that it looks at supply and demand via charts. The concept was created by L.A. Little, who is a senior contributor to TheStreet and has also written several books. The TA Today website provides trade chatter so viewers can see what other traders are talking about. It also offers trading thoughts for investing ideas based on technical analysis. These ideas include analysis articles on specific stocks. In addition to information for investors, the site also provides services that include actively managed portfolios for qualified investors as well as tools and advisory services.


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